Raw Food: The Pros and Cons

Raw Food

There has always been a lot of talk about vegetarianism. This topic has become especially relevant recently. More and more fans appear at one of the most radical of its directions – raw food. What, in fact, such a diet can differ from that to which all of us have …

How to Remove Cellulite at Home: 15 Effective Ways


Cellulite, as you may be aware, is one of those problems that confuses many women these days. You just remember how many times you’ve seen headlines in fashion magazines: “How to remove cellulite at home”, “How to get rid of cellulite” and so on. In addition, you may have seen …

10 things that everyone should know about eczema


Dry skin, redness and itching are three typical characteristics of eczema, a skin condition affecting millions of people around the world, also known as eczematous dermatitis. It is a fairly annoying condition, which can be both acute and chronic, but there are good ways to handle it. Here are the 10 things you should …

Social anxiety: Insecurity and Rejection


It is about social anxiety when a person fears the rejection and judgment of others and is extremely uncomfortable when exposed to social situations. We begin to discover together what it is and what happens in the mind of those who suffer. In this highly social era, perhaps more than …

6 Signs Of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Many believes that lung cancer is exclusively a disease of smokers, because it is known that smoking significantly increases the risk. And although this is so, not only amateurs are prone to this disease. And the number of people with lung cancer, who were not smokers, is growing.

Sensitive teeth: Natural remedies to alleviate discomfort

Sensitive teeth

Dentinal hypersensitivity occurs when dentin, the tooth-bearing structure that is usually protected by enamel and gums, remains uncovered and causes discomfort or pain when taking liquids and cold (or very hot) foods. Fortunately, the problem can be solved by following a few simple rules or by adopting effective natural remedies for …

Knee sprain: How to run for cover

Knee sprain

For minor injuries, so much rest, ice, but also drugs to reduce inflammation and pain. A sudden movement, performed while practicing sport, or a distraction even if you simply get off the machine, can damage the ligaments of the knee, causing what we commonly call distortion. Fortunately, the injury is not always …