Nordic diet: is it good for losing weight?

Nordic diet

It is not surprising that you know or have heard about the Mediterranean diet, which is considered one of the healthiest in the world. Nevertheless, is not the only one. Although less widespread, the Nordic diet offers you as many benefits as the Mediterranean diet. The World Health Organization ( …

7 diet tips to prevent varicose veins

prevent varicose veins

Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids can help prevent varicose veins thanks to their ability to break down cholesterol, relieve inflammation and improve circulation. There are simple ways to improve the diet to prevent varicose veins when the risk of developing them increases. While there are several factors that …

4 Healthy breakfasts with chia seeds that you like

chia seeds

Breakfasts with chia seeds provide us with an extra of nutrients and energy to face the day in the best way while taking care of our digestive health. Breakfasts with chia seeds are excellent alternatives to start the day with energy. Thanks to the nutritional properties of this super food, …

4 Benefits of coconut water in your diet

benefits of coconut water

Do you know what are the benefits of coconut water in your regular diet? If you do not know, do not worry. That is the main objective of this article. Here you will understand the positive effects that our body can enjoy when we consume this refreshing drink in the …

How to lose weight by eating zucchini

lose weight by

If you have done the garden, you have no problems. You will have already planted your seedlings and you will be waiting for the first seasonal vegetables. But if you do not have this luck, you must necessarily turn to your trusted grocery store to lose weight this summer.

Tamale calories and tips to eat them without affecting health

Tamale calories

Do you know more about the tamale calories? Now comes the Candelaria and with it the tamales. And although we love its flavor and celebrate traditions, there are some facts about them that Mariana Camarena gave us, nutritionist and creator of Active Nutrition, a project in which nutritional consultations and …

10 beneficial effects of apple cider vinegar for health

apple cider vinegar for health

Vinegar is the perfect companion for salads. However, these days it has tremendously increased the use of apple cider vinegar for health. It can also be used for cleaning, to maintain health and for home beauty tricks. Vinegar is a great ally against diabetes, hypertension, obesity; combat cholesterol and fungi …