10 Reasons to convert to Paleo diet

paleo diet

We hear a lot about the Paleo diet lately and it’s not without reason. It is a very effective diet that offers great chances of success. One could summarize the Paleo diet in one sentence: It’s about eating what the cavemen ate. The goal of the Paleo diet is to …

Raw Food: The Pros and Cons

Raw Food

There has always been a lot of talk about vegetarianism. This topic has become especially relevant recently. More and more fans appear at one of the most radical of its directions – raw food. What, in fact, such a diet can differ from that to which all of us have …

Together More Fun: Useful Food Diet

Food Diet

Certain foods can be combined with each other so, that their components will operate synchronously. Then the body will extract more from the food. Find out about the most effective fruit and vegetable couples.

The 5 rules to protect you from street food damage

street food

It will be no coincidence that the countries with widespread overweight are those with the highest presence of fast food and poor quality restaurants at every corner. Just walk around cities such as New York, London or Hamburg to realize the widespread spread of adipe and occasions to fill your belly with little spending. Hot …

5 Purifying and healthy diets that you will worship

The purpose of a purifying diet is maintain a healthy body. When finished, continue to follow a balanced diet to avoid losing any benefits. The body collects all our excesses: food, lack of exercise, alcohol weekend, negative emotions. Eventually it may become or, as they say, “to introduce the bill.” To delete all …