10 Reasons to convert to Paleo diet

paleo diet

We hear a lot about the Paleo diet lately and it’s not without reason. It is a very effective diet that offers great chances of success. One could summarize the Paleo diet in one sentence: It’s about eating what the cavemen ate. The goal of the Paleo diet is to …

What is a sinus arrhythmia of the heart?

sinus arrhythmia of the heart

Sinus arrhythmia of the heart – what is it? What are the main causes and symptoms of the disease? Methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The rhythm of the heartbeats can be disturbed, and the sequence of the work of the heart departments remains correct. This process was called sinus arrhythmia. The condition does …

6 Signs Of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Many believes that lung cancer is exclusively a disease of smokers, because it is known that smoking significantly increases the risk. And although this is so, not only amateurs are prone to this disease. And the number of people with lung cancer, who were not smokers, is growing.

Knee sprain: How to run for cover

Knee sprain

For minor injuries, so much rest, ice, but also drugs to reduce inflammation and pain. A sudden movement, performed while practicing sport, or a distraction even if you simply get off the machine, can damage the ligaments of the knee, causing what we commonly call distortion. Fortunately, the injury is not always …