4 Tips to choose the best mascara

best mascara

The eyelashes are the frame of the eyes and depending on the care given, they can help you to highlight your eyes. For this reason, it is so important to choose the best mascara that suits your eyelashes and highlight them naturally.

In the market there is a wide variety of brands, so choosing the right mask can be overwhelming. For this reason, many times we can make mistakes when choosing the right one for us.

But do not worry, choosing a mask is a simple process, just follow the advice that we propose in this article. If you are ready to find the ideal product for you, make sure you read very well what comes next.

Here we share 4 tips to choose the best mascara

1. Think what effect you want to enhance in your eyelashes

According to the shape of your eyes and that of your eyelashes, you can empower your look to give it a deeper look. For this, you must take into account the effect you want your mask to give you.

We talk about 3 types of effects that women mainly seek: curly, defined and with volume. However, according to the characteristics of the eyelashes, some may be more useful than others to enhance the look.

Below you will find the ideal type of effect according to the characteristics of your eyelashes:best mascara

Curly: if you have very smooth eyelashes and you want your eyes to look bigger. The curly will help lift even the smallest eyelashes.

Defined: if you have long tabs and with volume and you only want to give them definition. Here also it is sought that there are no lumps and each tab is separated.

Volume: if you have short and sparse eyelashes or long but very thin ones. The volume increases the intensity of the look.

Once defined the effect that you want to give your tabs, it is important to find out the shape of the mask brush. In order to verify that the mask really generates the effect it promises.

For example, the curly effect brush is more curvilinear, while the definition brush is like a small hairbrush with very close bristles. On the other hand, the volume brush is pointed with very abundant bristles.

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2. Dare to innovate with new colors

The color of the mask is very important since it can create different effects depending on your skin and eyes type. That is, you can highlight your lashes or make them go unnoticed.

Keep in mind how you want your lashes to look. If you want a natural look or on the contrary, a very intense one. The colors will help you to form different effects.best mascara

There are several colors that can be found in masks. However, the most used are transparent, black and brown.

The transparent color helps to give the appearance of naturalness. That is, it may seem that this is how your natural lashes are; The black gives an effect of opening to the eye and a very intense expression; Finally, the brown also enlarges the eyes but creates a more rómantica look.

If you consider yourself a more daring person you can try blue, purple, pink, among other very fun colors.

3. Take into account your skin type: dry, normal or oilybest mascara

Your skin type can be an ally or an enemy when choosing the best mascara. This is because some masks are waterproof and others are not.

In oily skin, masks that are not waterproof can be easily worn. Causing annoying spots of color in the lower eyelashes. Therefore it is advisable to use waterproof masks.

If your skin is normal or dry, you do not have much problem with these two types. You can use with which you feel more comfortable. Just remember that although waterproof masks can last longer, they are also harder to remove.

4. Check the expiration date of your productbest mascara

The masks have a useful life of approximately 3 months. That is, it should be changed at this time for a new one.

This is because oxygen changes the composition of the eyelash mask and makes it thicker over time. Likewise, during this time you can multiply the bacteria and no longer be a safe product for your lashes.

Due to this, it is advisable to check the expiration date of your product before buying it. In order to have enough time to use the best mascara safely in your eyes.

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