4 tips to eliminate foot odor

4 tips to eliminate foot odor

4 tips to reduce your foot odor

Feeling bad feet is a problem that can rot your life … but also that of those around you! And yet, there is nothing more normal. Your feet are locked in shoes and socks all day long. Sweating, therefore, produces unpleasant foot odor. But it is true that this problem affects some people more than others. To eliminate the smell of feet, however, there are tips that work.

We have therefore selected for you 4 tips to eliminate the smell of feet. These are effective, simple to apply and inexpensive. You will inevitably find in your drawers one of those products that are truly miraculous when it comes to eliminating the odors from your feet. Are you ready to start? Let’s go!

1. Baking soda

To eliminate foot odor, baking soda can really help. Indeed, baking soda has anti-bacterial properties. By applying them on your feet, you can eliminate the bacteria that cause them to smell bad smells. In addition, it helps eliminate dead skin and make your skin softer at the same time. Using it is a very good idea for your feet.4 tips to eliminate foot odorHow to use it? We advise you to use it once or twice a day according to your needs and the time you have. For that, add two tablespoons of baking soda to 8 glasses of water in a small basin in which you can soak your feet. Add the baking soda, and let it dissolve in the water. Once done, leave your feet in the water for 15 minutes before drying. That’s it!

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2. Coconut oil

To eliminate foot odor, nothing like using coconut oil. Indeed, coconut oil contains elements that kill bacteria. It can be mixed with cedarwood oil, which has anti-fungal properties, to fight foot odor. This trick really works and is 100% natural. To repeat as many times as necessary to eliminate the smell of your feet.4 tips to eliminate foot odorWash your feet well and dry them. Then mix the cedarwood oil with the coconut oil in the liquid state, in a container. Massage the mixture on your feet with your hands. Massage until the oil is well absorbed by your skin, for maximum efficiency. Let the oil dry in the open air. Once done, rinse your feet with cold or lukewarm water. Use this technique once a day.

3. Vodka

4 tips to eliminate foot odorIt may sound a little strange, but using vodka on your feet can really help you eliminate foot odor. It could not be easier! All you need is vodka and a towel. Wash your feet well with your usual soap or shower gel, and dry well. Once done, apply the vodka on the cloth. Rub your feet well with the cloth soaked in vodka. It is the alcohol present in large quantities in the vodka that will reduce the smell of your feet significantly. To repeat if you feel the need!

4. Salt water

To eliminate foot odor, using salt water is also a trick that works. Salt absorbs the excessive moisture and perspiration present in your feet. In fact, it reduces the production of bacteria in your feet and therefore to eliminate odors. This method is natural and very easy to apply, so we do not hesitate to use it.4 tips to eliminate foot odorYou need to mix half a cup of salt with 8 cups of water in a small basin. Mix well by stirring so that the salt can dissolve in the water. Then immerse your feet in this basin for about 20 minutes. You will feel your feet cleaner and quickly notice that their smell will disappear. To be repeated once a day, until the smell of your feet disappears permanently!

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