6 things to know to take care of your colored hair

colored hair

To take care of your colored hair, it is important to follow a few steps. Indeed, when one colors your hair, these tend to become naturally drier. They also tend to break more easily and appear duller. How to preserve them? It’s simple. These tips will help you and you will find a mane perfect and healthy!

Before coloring, it is important to understand that this is a long-term investment. You will need to be extremely careful to look after your hair so that it does not suffer too much from the staining process. If you know how to take care of it, your hair will be more beautiful than ever. It’s colorful!

Here are six tips to take care of your colored hair

1. Cut the damaged tips

To take care of your colored hair, it is important to be careful to cut the damaged tips. Indeed, when you apply a color on your hair, it tends to damage them. It is inevitable to have at least some forks after a color. To keep your hair beautiful, light and healthy, it is important for you to be careful to cut the damaged tips.

colored hairIf you do not, your pitchforks will get bigger. Your tips will not be pretty and your hair will break much more easily. It is therefore very important to pay attention to this, although it may seem derisory. In terms of the quality of your hair and their beauty, it will change a lot. You can cut your tips yourself with a pair of scissors and be careful! Continue reading: 10 tips not to wash your hair every day

2. Choosing the right products

To take care of your colored hair, it is also important to choose suitable products. Indeed, newly colored hair tends to be quite fragile. So, it is important to be careful to hydrate them well. In the store, choose products specific to colored hair. They will be much softer and moisturizing. In addition, some will even allow you to preserve your color longer.

Always prefer products that do not contain silicones, parabens or sulfates. These are bad for your health and help make your hair color drier. If your hair becomes too dry, it may become dull. They could even fall. We choose to take good care of her hair weakened by color by applying suitable products.

3. Wash them less often

Yes, to take care of her colored hair, it can also be useful to wash them less often. Indeed, washing his hair too often, we deprive them of their natural oils. In fact, they become much drier. In addition, the color tends to fade when you wash your hair. If you want your color to remain intact, it is important for you not to wash it more than 2 to 3 times a week.

colored hairDo not worry, if your hair tends to become fat quickly, getting them used to wash them less often will do the trick. Indeed, if your hair gets used to being washed less often, they will be able to hold for long periods without becoming fat. It’s simple. Just go there. Your hair will thank you if you get used to being washed less often.

4. Moisturize your hair

Good hydration is essential to take care of his hair color. It is therefore important for you to use products that respect your hair. Do not forget to apply a conditioner after each wash. Using oils like argan oil, black oil or snake oil can really help improve the quality of your hair. These will be well hydrated and brighter. We do not hesitate to moisturize her hair as often as necessary!

5. Use less heat to take care of his colored hair

colored hairTo take care of your colored hair, it is also important to use fewer tools that use heat. Indeed, the tools using heat deprive your hair of their hydration and their natural oils. In fact, they can tend to become much drier and break. It is therefore important to avoid using them as often as possible so as not to damage your hair. For this, it is important to take care of your hair and learn to appreciate it naturally. Your curly hair is beautiful with their curls for example!

6. Cut his hair regularly

To take care of her colored hair, it is also important to cut her hair regularly. It is not a question here of cutting the points but of changing cuts regularly. Indeed, when your hair is growing back, your color is advancing towards the bottom of your hair. If you have a tye and dye for example and you choose to let your hair grow, it would be wise to cut the lighter part later.

Cutting your hair regularly will also allow them to maintain a certain style, look and simply be more beautiful. We advise you to visit the hairdresser at least every three months. You will realize that your colored hair will be even more beautiful and healthier. Do not doubt it!

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