7 Balanced menus to lose weight and fat

lose weight

To lose weight is essential to exercise physically. However, it will be very difficult to obtain significant results if a healthy and balanced diet is not carried out. Therefore, we show you some balanced menus to lose weight and reduce fat consumption.

This does not mean always eating the same thing, but you can prepare very varied menus with which to maintain a low-fat diet. In this way, and combining these menus with a regular physical activity, we can obtain important results, such as weight loss of 5, 10 and up to 15 kg with the passage of several weeks.


As for breakfasts, it will be important to maintain a regular menu, based on a glass of skimmed milk or plain yogurt. We can also take a natural juice or a piece of fruit.

 lose weight On the other hand, we will complement this with some toasted bread, which can be accompanied by a spoonful of olive oil or a bit of turkey or ham. It will be necessary to avoid the consumption of cookies, pastries or products such as butter or jam because of its high content of sugar and saturated fats.

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Appetizers and snacks

At mid-morning and mid-afternoon, it will be good to have an appetizer that slightly increases our blood sugar level and reduces appetite. This way we can better control the intake during meals and dinners.

In this sense, we can base this appetizer on a piece of large fruit or two small ones, or a skimmed yogurt. It will also serve an integral toast with Burgos cheese, turkey, a coffee or an infusion.


At this time, as in the dinners, is where we can get more creative and vary the dishes more. Below, we show you several balancing menus to lose weight that you can put into practice over a week. Keep reading http://madblogz.com/the-dangers-of-consuming-processed-meat/

 lose weight Day 1: salad of lettuce, carrot, tomato, and asparagus. Chicken breast with white rice. Whole wheat bread and a piece of fruit or an infusion.

Day 2: mozzarella, tomato, and oregano salad. Baked sole with spices or vegetable stew. Whole wheat bread and a fruit salad.

Day 3: boiled green beans. Baked sea bass with escalibada. Whole wheat bread and a piece of fruit.

Day 4: boiled broccoli. Rabbit baked with prunes and mushrooms. Whole wheat bread and a low-fat yogurt.

Day 5: turkey breast with apples and raisins. Artichokes baked or boiled in garlic. Whole wheat bread and a piece of fruit.

Day 6: green asparagus salad. Green peppers stuffed with rice and turkey. Whole wheat bread and a piece of fruit or an infusion.

Day 7: warm mushroom salad. Rabbit with garlic sauce with white wine. Whole wheat bread and a low-fat yogurt.


As with meals, at dinners, we can prepare delicious dishes with a low-fat content, which will help us lose weight. Therefore, we show you other examples of menus that you can apply over a week:

 lose weight Day 1: Celery and carrot soup. Grilled chicken. Skim yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Day 2: French omelet Vegetable Stew. Skim yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Day 3: Zucchini cream. Mushrooms sauteed with spices. Macedonia fruit or an infusion.

Day 4: A cup of gazpacho or served in a bowl with a chopped boiled egg. Scrambled eggs with vegetables. Skim yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Day 5: French omelet with zucchini. Baked cod with oregano. Macedonia fruit or an infusion.

Day 6: Garlic soup with walnuts. Beans with boiled potatoes. Skim yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Day 7: Spinach with ham, raisins and pine nuts. Poached eggs Skim yogurt or a piece of fruit.

As you can see in all the menus, the dishes can be very varied, but all the examples are based on reducing the number of fats and sugars consumed.

Therefore, we must avoid the consumption of red meat, giving priority to chicken, turkey, rabbit or white fish.

On the other hand, eliminate refined foods, such as white bread or non-integral flour will also be an important aspect.

In short, the key to these balanced menus to lose weight will be to focus the weekly feeding on fruits, vegetables, and skimmed dairy products.

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