7 plants to keep at home to fight the heat

plants to keep at home

The weather will give us respite for a few days with rains and thunderstorms that will lower the temperatures. But the heat is going to come back. If you can’t stand the heat any longer, especially if you don’t have an air conditioner at home, you need to find alternative remedies.

In addition to consuming foods that can help you fight the heat, go out only in the cooler hours and hydrate you a lot, to sleep better you can do something for your home. Such as? Thanks to the plants!

The plants are excellent allies against the heat. They are natural “parasols”, because they absorb heat from the atmosphere and help to cool the air.

If you don’t have the space to have trees, just fill the windowsill with potted plants. They too, in proportion, will help lower the temperature in the home.

But which plants can you choose? Here are the ones you should have at home!

1- Sansevieria

plants to keep at home

It is a plant also suitable for those who do not have a green thumb. The Sansevieria, better known as the “mother-in-law language”, needs little attention.

It helps to clean the air in the home of pollutants and increases the level of oxygen, fighting dry air and improving air humidity.

Sansevieria should be watered every 5-7 days in summer and every 12-15 days during winter. More generally, it asks for water only when the soil is dry. But be careful: it does not like water stagnation and vaporization.

2- Aloe vera

plants to keep at home

The aloe vera, as well as being effective for burns and other beauty remedies, it is helpful to purify the air. Just put two plants in a room to immediately notice that the heat becomes less oppressive.

Aloe loves sunny positions, or at least in the light, and prefers slightly acid soils. They must have excellent drainage, because they suffer extremely from stagnant water.

To grow it optimally, at least 2-3 centimeters of gravel can be placed at the bottom of the pot, so the roots will not rot.

It wants little water and, between one watering and another, it is good to let a few days pass. In fact, the soil must be rather dry.

3 – Dracena

plants to keep at home

The dracena is the famous “tronchetto of happiness” and is a widespread houseplant.

Refreshes the air and also absorbs the pollutants found in the home. In fact, it absorbs large quantities of carbon dioxide, releasing excellent amounts of oxygen.

It does not like direct light and always wants a moist soil, but does not like stagnant water. The soil must therefore be soft and draining.

It wants good lighting, but not direct light, which could ruin the leaves. For watering, from autumn to spring it is sufficient to give it water once a week, while in summer it is possible to double the intake.

4 – Areca palm

plants to keep at home

The areca palm also captures the harmful particles, making the air healthier and fresher.

Because it’s really good at home, you have to pay close attention to the water you use to water it, because it must be the least calcareous possible.

The soil must always be moist, but without stagnation and well drained. In case of great heat the leaves can be sprayed.

It wants a good exposure to light, but not direct light. It loves the air a lot, so it is good practice to ventilate the room to let it “breathe”. Eye, however, to air currents, especially cold ones. They are not welcome!

5 – Ivy

plants to keep at home

Even the ivy is among the plants that purify the air. And if placed in front of the doors it keeps the sun’s rays, making the house fresher.

It does not require particular maintenance, if not a well-draining soil, to avoid water stagnation.

For exposure, it usually prefers half shade, although this depends on the variety chosen.

Until it has reached a considerable size, the ivy must be constantly watered. Then, even just rainwater will suffice.

And because it is a climbing plant, if grown in pots it should be pruned periodically.

6 – Fern

plants to keep at home

The fern is excellent to keep at home to refresh the air. However, the leaves must be sprayed, especially in summer, and not exposed directly to the sun’s rays.

The fern has the reputation of a difficult plant. It loves the shadow, detests heat sources. And his soil must always be a little wet.

Watering in the winter is sufficient to give it water twice a week. Care must be taken to use water at room temperature and decalcified, such as that of the iron. If calcium is deposited on the roots it prevents the plant from “drinking”.

Once a week it is good to rotate the pot 180 degrees. The plant will grow on all sides and all the fronds will take the light!

7 – Pothos

plants to keep at home

Pothos is a plant with large oval or heart-shaped, glossy and slightly waxy leaves. It is often present in offices and homes because it frees air from formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

It needs light, never direct, but it tolerates its lack well, as well as that of water.

The pothos must be watered with moderation, even in the summer season, because it does not like stagnation. It takes two or three times a week to be in perfect shape.

In winter, on the other hand, it needs little watering. The two upper thirds of the soil must be left to dry before returning to giving water.

A good way to water it is to soak the vase, as you do for orchids.

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