8 Foods to consume when you have low blood pressure

low blood pressure

Hypertension is having lower blood pressure than normal. It can be caused by various reasons and can be constant or occasional. One can indeed suffer sudden drops of tension, which can lead to fainting. It is not a disease as such but rather a symptom related to another pathology. When you have low blood pressure, you should be careful to choose to eat foods that can help raise blood pressure.

Be careful, do not confuse hypotension and hypertension! Hypertension is linked to high blood pressure while hypotension is related to low blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, do not eat the following foods! And if you tend to suffer from low blood pressure, eating these foods regularly can really help you on a daily basis!

1. The coconut water

When you suffer from low blood pressure, coconut water can help us! Indeed, coconut water is a drink naturally rich in electrolytes and antioxidants. Consuming it helps to prevent low blood pressure. On the market, there are often energy drinks that can help against low blood pressure. However, coconut water, a natural drink, is equally effective without containing additives or chemicals.

low blood pressureCoconut water is also very low caloric: it can, therefore, consume without fear for his line. Of course, it does not replace water! But it can be consumed regularly during the day without fear, and it can effectively fight against hypotension effectively. In addition, the taste of coconut water is very refreshing and pleasant. We really have no reason to say no! Continue reading: 10 Habits to reduce stress in your daily life

2. The cheese

When you suffer from low blood pressure, eating cheese is a very good idea! Indeed, the sodium contained in cheese really helps fight against hypotension and its symptoms. Of course, the cheese contains a lot of fat and it is, therefore, better to avoid consuming it in excess! Consuming it in a reasonable amount can help improve the flow of blood through the arteries when one is hypotensive.

low blood pressureHowever, if you are hypertensive, eating cheese on a regular basis can increase your blood pressure significantly, which is extremely bad. A general practitioner can measure your blood pressure using a device and advise you on changes to your lifestyle as appropriate. When you are hypotensive anyway, a little cheese every day is good for morale and health!

3. The chocolate

Oh, chocolate! What a pleasure it is to see him on the healthy side! Be careful, however, we are talking about dark chocolate! Dark chocolate makes it possible to restore the blood pressure to a normal level without increasing it excessively. It, therefore, acts to regulate the blood pressure, which is extremely positive when one suffers from hypotension or dips of tension.

low blood pressureYou can eat a little bit every day. A tip? Keep a tablet in your pocket or bag in case of a drop in voltage! Indeed, chewing on a bar of chocolate when you feel the symptoms of the drop in blood pressure can really help you raise your blood pressure to a normal level and feel refreshed for the day. And who does not like chocolate?

4. The eggs

When you suffer from low blood pressure, nothing like eating eggs! Eggs are foods rich in protein, vitamin B, and amino acids. This helps reduce hypotension, whether regular or transient and occasional. Why do athletes consume eggs in impressive quantities? Because they are very rich in energy: and thus allow to raise blood pressure when it is low.

low blood pressureIn addition, the eggs are delicious and low in calories! You can choose to eat boiled or scrambled at breakfast or in any other form we like. This is the advantage with these foods: you can cook them in so many different ways, and always having fun! In addition, the energy provided by the eggs affects both your physique and your mind. By tasting so you can booster on all levels.

5. Dried fruits

When you suffer from low blood pressure, eating dried fruits is a very good thing. They are indeed very rich in vitamin B and healthy fatty acids. When the body assimilates these elements, it allows it to restore the normal flow of blood. In fact, by consuming dried fruits, one regulates hypotension as well as hypertension. Be careful though! You can eat them salty if you’re hypotensive!

low blood pressureHowever, if you are hypertensive and you want to use dry fruits to regulate your blood pressure, you ban the dried fruits to which salt has been added and we favor the natural dry fruits. When one is hypotensive, one often tends to feel weak and lethargic. A simple handful of dried fruits, whatever they are, makes it possible to quickly restore a balance at the level of the arterial tension and to recover energy very quickly.

6. Citrus fruits

When one suffers from hypotension, citrus fruits are a good food to consume. Indeed, citrus fruits contain vitamin C in large quantities. It helps relieve the symptoms of low blood pressure. We can eat them in the way that suits us best, whether it’s juice, fruit salad or just in its natural state. All citrus fruits are good to take!

low blood pressureWhether it’s oranges, lemon, mandarins or clementines, treat yourself! If you wish to consume the juice, prefer to squeeze it yourself. This way, it will be more natural and will have better effects on your health. Citrus juice also contains electrolytes that have the property of regular blood pressure. So whether your blood pressure is low or high, citrus juice can help you!

7. The water

When you suffer from hypotension, you do not forget to drink water regularly! Consuming water on a regular basis will have beneficial effects on your health and beauty but can also fight against hypotension because it can be caused by dehydration related to heat for example! We drink at least eight cups of water a day to stay healthy and well hydrated.

low blood pressureBy drinking water more often, you improve your blood circulation but also the activity of your cells by optimizing the oxygenation process in your blood. Water is your ally for life: so try to drink it as often as possible and at all meals! All other drinks should be consumed occasionally in comparison to your water consumption. Go, to your bottles of water!

8. Lean meats

low blood pressureWhen you suffer from low blood pressure, eating lean meats is a very good idea! Indeed, lean meats can raise the tension when it is low. They contain sodium and minerals that raise blood pressure to restore it to a normal level. Nothing like eating a little chicken breast every day, for example, to fight against hypotension.

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And you, do you have food to advise when one suffers from hypotension?

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