The reasons why kids can benefit from playing rugby

You might be concerned if your child has expressed an interest in playing rugby or are about to start playing it at secondary school. Is it safe for children? Here are some reasons why you can have complete peace of mind and the many ways in which rugby is beneficial for children, from building social skills to increasing fitness.

  1. Great for fitness

This is an obvious reason as there are many benefits from playing rugby. Rugby involves both aerobic activity and strength-building which benefits everyone who plays it.

  1. Improving social skills

All children can benefit from the chance to develop their social skills, collaboration, teamwork and communication as these are important life skills. Rugby includes all of these skills.

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  1. Learning how to lose

None of us are successful at everything we try and losing is a good lesson to learn early on in life. Losing does happen and we should allow it to build character before reaching adult life. To be able to cope with losing, accept it and learn from it, understanding where improvement is required are essential life skills.

  1. Learning how to win

It’s also important to learn how to be a good sportsperson and learn how to win gracefully. It is great for boosting self-worth and self-esteem, foster team bonding and demonstrates that effort can be rewarded.

  1. In game equality

Rugby is a special and unique game because all players on the field get the same chances to sprint, pass, defend and score!

  1. Boosts confidence

Regular sports help to boost a child’s self-confidence. It’s also important for learning how to work towards a goal and perfecting new skills, which will make your child feel proud of their achievement. Help perfect skills with new Rugby Training Drills from Sportplan.

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  1. Role Models

From famous celebrity players to an amazing coach or older team member, rugby can offer many positive role models for your children to learn from and be inspired by. Kids make some great friendships when they engage in team sports and you know that they are getting fitter while they are doing it!

  1. Academic success

Children who partake in sport are proven to do better academically. Studies have shown that kids who play at least one sport receive higher marks in their work.

  1. Safety

This is most likely your primary concern due to the contact nature of the game. However, it’s important to know how much of a priority safety is to those who play rugby and those who teach it. It is something strictly adhered to by all.

  1. Respectful

One of the great aspects of rugby is that it’s a very respectful game. Should a player disagree with the decision of a referee, for example, he or she will still speak politely and respectfully and follow the given instructions.

  1. Lowers stress

It has long been established that taking part in physical activity reduces feelings of stress by releasing endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural mood boosters, reducing stress and even acting as natural pain killers and making sleep easier.




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