How to talk about Sex, Education at school and home

There was a time, many years ago now, when parents would sit down with their teenage child and have THE conversation!  The discussion every parent dreaded, how to talk to your son or daughter about Sex!  Thankfully, those days are long gone, and the topic of Sex Education now starts at an early age, both at school and at home. Using the agreed vocabulary and the proper names for all the specific parts of the body, parents and children now communicate openly and frankly on the topic.  Primary schools have once again become the place of safety for adolescent children to talk about anxieties and worries where sex is concerned.  There is no longer a stigma associated with talking to a child about safe sex and the right to say “NO”!  Casually chatting to your child about the use of Condoms or Greenwich Home STI kits is now the normal thing to do and schools reinforce the fact that you should only have a sexual relationship with somebody when you are fully ready.  Don’t bow to peer pressure or let anybody try to force you to do something you don’t want to.

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Sex Education at a good Primary school uses an agreed video for the children to watch and then a frank and honest conversation is had between the teacher in charge of the lesson and the pupils.  This is an essential part of any child’s whole education and most Primary Schools that are Ofsted rated good or outstanding have a great Sex Education programme in place. Some parents still find it difficult to talk frankly to their children at home so the fact that schools are openly discussing the topic is vital for all children, so none miss out.

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It is imperative that all children have the knowledge and understanding of a good Sex Education, without the facts they could become Sexually active too soon, end up pregnant or not understand that everyone has the right to say “NO”.  Some parents don’t approve of their child receiving a Sexual Education at Primary school age and have the right to withdraw them from the lesson!  By the time they are in year six and are at least ten years old they really should have at least a basic knowledge and understanding of Safe Sex.

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