Why First Aid is important in Schools

You are never too young to learn a bit of First Aid. The consequences of the rapid and well-applied first aid can make all the difference when it comes to a person’s survival rate. If there is little chance of an ambulance getting to them, and given the statistics surrounding ambulance cover at present, this seems likely, then first aid on the ground could be a lifesaver.

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It’s one of the many reasons why Emergency First Aid Training Courses, like those from https://www.tidaltraining.co.uk/emergency-first-aid-training-courses/, as an example, should be taught in schools. It’s certainly something that should be considered for secondary school children with more rudimentary things taught to those in primary school.  Whether it’s the safeguarding of an elderly relative or making sure friends are ok, the sense of achievement that comes from being skilled in first aid is rich and rewarding.

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It is easy to think of school as purely a place where the development of English and Maths are paramount. Whilst this is true, it also follows that specific life skills should also be taught. The more physically challenging aspects of first aid, such as chest compression and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, need not be covered without a view of the child doing it. However, it may serve to demystify the process. It also needs to be impressed upon the children that calling medical services is the primary aim and not to try and treat someone themselves.


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