How to tell if a toddler has Additional Needs or is just going through the terrible twos

If you have ever heard an anxious parent talking about their toddler going through the terrible twos, you may wonder why they seem so exhausted and unable to cope with the situation.  Unless you’ve had a small child actually go through that difficult stage it’s hard to imagine why the unfortunate parent is finding life so tricky.  We’ve all been in the local supermarket on a busy Saturday afternoon and witnessed a toddler having a full blown tantrum, kicking and screaming and refusing to get up off the floor!  Pity the adult who is with that child and don’t pass judgement because it could be that the child has Additional Needs and has episodes of challenging behaviour.

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It is quite hard to tell the difference unless you know how to spot the signs and have had personal experience of working with children who have additional needs and attended a recognised Challenging behaviour course.  These elite courses show the subtle differences between the Terrible Twos and a child with Challenging Behavioural issues. Giving their students a positive and comprehensive insight into the minds of children with ADHD, Autism and other recognised disabilities.

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These bespoke training courses allow Parents, Teaching Assistants, Health & Social Care Workers, Paramedics and Police officers to all recognise when a person is genuinely anxious and possibly going to have a Challenging Behaviour episode.

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