Doctor Google – Sense and non-sense of network diagnosis

Doctor Google

Very often, in case of illness or illness, the first source to be consulted is “Dr. Google” and, typing the disorder, promptly check the Internet for a diagnosis. But it is not always reliable. We explain, below, how to extricate themselves in the jungle of information that proliferate on Google.

In the case of health problems, it is not just young people who use the Internet; it is rather a phenomenon that affects all generations.

But be careful, to orient yourself on the net you have to respect some criteria …

It is important to ask the right questions

The search engine is a very useful tool, but you have to know how to use it. If the right questions are not formulated, adequate answers are not obtained.

For many ailments, it is difficult to locate the pain exactly or even to describe it. Where exactly are back pains? Is it a dull or a dense pain? What should we look for? If you do not know how to describe your problem it is difficult for Google to help you.

Doctor Google
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The date of publication of the article is essential

To make sure that the information is not obsolete, always check the publication date of the text or of the web page.

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Check the sources absolutely

Suppose you were successful and found answers, now it’s about evaluating them. In this case, you should consider several Internet pages that deal with the same theme and compare them to each other.

Beware of the information author: is it a journalistic text published by an independent media company or by a company that wants to sell a product or is there no indication of the source? It is better to rely on the Confederation sites, established newspapers and magazines or on the websites of health organizations that guarantee authoritativeness and reliable information.

A little tip: the specific medical terms that you do not know you can simply consult on Wikipedia. If instead you want to deepen the topic, you can take into consideration the specific literature, available for free on the web page of the online library.

Consult Dr. Google with a critical sense

Do not take everything that the web offers to you. In general, we must start from the assumption that the result of the research may not correspond to the truth, or that maybe with your knowledge you cannot correctly frame it or finally that it is an advertisement that is not immediately recognizable.

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