Home gym: 5 practical tips

Home gym

Summer is coming and gyms are now full of people looking for the perfect physical form to show off on the beach. However, those who don’t have time to go to the gym, or prefer to work out at home in total relaxation can do it easily. Such as? Simple, you can opt for home gym accessories like those. Therefore, here are 5 practical tips for setting up a home gym.

Aerobic work

The first step to starting the training well is to do an aerobic session. This allows us to reduce body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol, with an increase in general resistance and metabolism. Furthermore, from this activity of low intensity and long duration, the psychological state can also benefit thanks to the stimulus continuously offered, during a run or a long pedaling, to the neurotransmitters of the “good mood”, that is the serotonin and norepinephrine.

The treadmill

To perform good aerobic work one of the most used and suitable tools is the treadmill. By using the treadmill consistently and systematically, thus gaining a certain workload (volume and intensity), it is possible to obtain various cardiovascular and respiratory adaptations. For example, it increases the coronary circulation of the myocardium, at the same cardiac output it decreases the heart’s effort – it pumps the same blood with less effort – it can increase the absolute cardiac output, it decreases the resistance of the vessels that increase elasticity, it improves the return venous, increases the ventilation-perfusion capacity of the pulmonary alveoli, increases the capacity of bronchodilation, etc.

The exercise bike

Another popular tool is the exercise bike. Over the years, the models have evolved a lot, the exercise bike has become increasingly light and less bulky and models of exercise bikes have been launched with computers that contain training programs and the differentiation of various resistances. On the market, it is possible to find both the horizontal and the vertical version. The latter has a vertical frame that is made like that of a normal bicycle, while the horizontal has a backrest, so it ensures a more comfortable and better posture when pedaling.

The rowing machine

This is a perfect tool for the arms and for training the upper body in general. Depending on the type of rowing machine, it is possible to choose consoles with preset programs. The advice is to choose a simple type of console that gives us the main information without particular programs because they raise the price so much but you would never use it, unless we intend to become professional athletes.

The dumbbells

On the market, there are handlebars of any material, weight and color. These are perfect for any type of training aimed at firming and toning the biceps, triceps, deltoids and all the muscles of the upper body. With a few dollars you can do an intense workout that will allow us to quickly find the desired physical form. Obviously, the advice is to buy dumbbells and weights based on your physical characteristics, without exaggerating.

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