Hot Trends Changing the Sports Coaching World

The way people live and interact is changing the way we work and communicate. It is having a major impact on sports training, so we’ve highlighted five hot trends which are shaking up the world of sports coaching.

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Making Good Use of Data

Teams have been using statistical analysis and predictive modelling for many years now, but they then need to make sense of all this data so that it is acted on. Teams need people to help players sleep, eat and move better while improving performance based on what their coaches, nutritionists and therapists find in the data.

Changing and Ageing Society

Coaches also need to think about the needs of the ageing population and adapt their training to suit older people and how they can participate. It is important for older people to exercise to combat the threatened obesity and diabetes epidemic. This may also include adapting the Football Kits from places such as to suit the needs of the different players they are coaching.

The Future’s Bright – The Future’s Virtual

Virtual reality training means players have access to exercise and drills from home. There are many apps where people can ‘virtually’ play a sport such as tennis, but now technology is allowing players to train on their own without needing their fellow players on the training pitch. Additionally, STIVR Labs, part of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, is revolutionising how players can sharpen skills such as decision-making and reactions to situations on the pitch.

Embracing the 21st Century

People nowadays are always asking what is the best offer for them. Coaches need to adapt to this to offer a bespoke service. Team training is brilliant for bonding and shared skills, but players need to feel special. An individual training programme which is flexible and embraces technology needs to be set up. For a rugby team, this could be a mix of shared training experiences plus a particular rugby drill video which will aid them as an individual.

Tapping into Technology

People are happy to wear apps which show how many steps they’ve done and the calories they have shifted, and they will then share this on social media. Trainers need to find ways of harnessing this so they can also use technology and apps to connect with their players. They need to find wearable technology which is useful for them and their team.

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