How to calculate BMR in men to define caloric intake

How to calculate BMR

Have you heard about TMB? Do you know how to calculate BMR to define caloric intake? Here we answer you. First, the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the amount of daily minimum energy required to keep the body at rest.

How to calculate BMR

If your body mass index (BMI) indicates a need to lose weight, you have to adjust your daily caloric intake to induce your body to consume its fat reserves.

TMB factors: sex, age, height and weight, mainly. They can influence other factors such as: our diet, if we are smokers, we suffer from some disease, even the ambient temperature.

How to calculate BMR

The TMB calculator

You use energy no matter what you are doing, even when you sleep. So you have to know how to calculate BMR to ensure minimum amount of required energy. TMB helps you calculate how many calories you burn if you remain motionless for a day. This will be the minimum amount of calories you should eat daily.

If you have noticed that each year, it becomes more difficult to eat what you want and stay slim, it is because your TMB decreases as you get older. Similarly, skipping meals in the hope of losing weight also decreases your TMB. However, a regular routine of cardiovascular exercise can increase your BMR, improving your health and fitness, when your body’s ability to burn energy gradually decreases.

How to calculate BMR

How to calculate the TMB

There are many formulas to calculate your TMB, but one of the most used in the world is the Harris Benedict formula described in 1919, revised by Mifflin and St Jeor in 1990.

MEN TMB = (10 x weight of Kg) + (6, 25 x height in cm) – (5 x age in years) + 5

WOMEN TMB = (10 x weight in kg) + (6, 25 x height in cm) – (5 x age in years) – 161

From there, the caloric needs of each person will depend on the type of activity they perform.

If you rely on the physical activity you do, you could calculate your daily calorie needs according to these parameters:

Little or no exercise = Daily Calories Needed = TMB x 1.2

Light exercise (1-3 days per week) = Daily calories needed = TMB x 1,375

Moderate Exercise (3-5 days per week) = Daily Calories Needed = TMB x 1.55

Strong Exercise (6 days per week) = Daily Calories Needed = TMB x 1,725

Professional or extreme exercise = daily calories needed = TMB x 1.9

But in addition to this you will have to take into account how to calculate BMR. if your work is very active, or you spend the day sitting, or if you also get home, do all the household chores, and spend two hours in the park chasing your son two years

Tips to accelerate metabolism in a healthy way

  • Eat breakfast every day
  • Take infusions. For example green tea.
  • Eat omega 3, present in salmon, tuna, nuts.
  • Eat more times. If you avoid fasting your body will spend more and will not save energy. Among the main meals take fruit, yogurt or nuts.
  • Do some exercise every day.

How to calculate BMR

Why TMB matters

When you try to exercise and eat well to lose weight. At least calculate your TMB is not negotiable because eventually your body will believe that you starve if the caloric intake does not meet the energy requirements. As the body tries to figure out how to deal with perceived starvation, it can use stored carbohydrates, fats or proteins as an energy source. Protein is what makes lean muscle mass.

Normally, the body uses muscle metabolism as a last resort, but lean muscle tissue requires more calories than other tissues. The body will metabolize the muscles as a way to reduce the amount of calories you need per day. That can be especially dangerous considering that one of the most vital organs of the body, the heart, is a muscle.

The heart can actually decrease in size and finally fail. As your metabolism slows down and you lose lean muscle, it becomes increasingly difficult to ingest “normal” amounts of calories without gaining weight, simply because you have trained your body to cope with less and to cling to anything “extra”.

We must know how to calculate BMR to stay alive. We must take the requirements of TMB very seriously because of the potential dangers of insufficient caloric intake.

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