How to choose the eye drops for conjunctivitis

eye drops

Speaking of natural remedies to conjunctivitis we stated as these serve more to soothe their inflammatory disorders than to treat it, is something they do on eye drops for conjunctivitis.

What is eye drops?

The eye drops are a drug in liquid formulation to be instilled into the eyes to soothe or start the healing process of a disease or an ocular disorder. The eye drops are the preferred medication for the treatment of conjunctivitis because, in direct contact with the ocular surface, promotes a relief or a more rapid healing.

eye drops
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Some eye drops are counter medicines obtained without a prescription, such as the decongestants used chamomile to alleviate dry eye or red eye; for other eye drops you must have a prescription, it is the case with those indicated for the treatment of diseases such as glaucoma or eye drops for conjunctivitis.

How to choose the eye drops for conjunctivitis

Allergic, bacterial, viral: there is no conjunctivitis but there are as many as the causes and each case requires a specific eye drops. The DIY is highly recommended because it is up to the physician to recognize the type of inflammation that have been affected and give the eye drops for conjunctivitis more suitable.

The bacterial conjunctivitis requires the use of an antibacterial eye drops, that is enriched with antibiotics active ingredients that act by killing the bacteria responsible for the infection, avoiding the proliferation and favoring the relief from burning, swelling, lacrimation and itching. Some doctors prefer to prescribe an ophthalmic ointment instead of eye drops feeling is more effective in a short time because, unlike the droplets, the medical ointment remains longer in office. Because the application of the ointment reduces or obscures the view, often advised to put it before going to sleep and use eye drops during the day.

The eye drops for conjunctivitis virus is a simple eye drops NSAID analgesics. In fact, the symptoms and problems caused by this type of conjunctivitis are so mild that the physician prefers to indicate the administration of decongestant drops and wait for the inflammation vanish by itself rather than prescribe an antiviral and anti-inflammatory eye drops handy in case of accentuated viral conjunctivitis.

The more complex the discourse on therapy for allergic conjunctivitis . The eye drops does not cure allergic conjunctivitis but it helps to dampen the patient’s suffering. In this case, the cause of the inflammation in the conjunctiva is an allergy and it is necessary to insert the use of eye drops within a wider therapeutic path outlined by the allergist doctor.

In general, we can say that those who suffer from allergies and seasonal conjunctivitis should start using a decongestant eye drops in March to cushion the spring ailments. The eye drops for conjunctivitis allergic contains both principles active antihistamines that block the action of histamine, a potent chemical mediator involved in allergic processes, both corticosteroids active ingredients which do not act allergy but act as anti-inflammatory valid relieving swelling, redness and its other disorders of allergic conjunctivitis.

Unlike artificial tears that are not drugs but solutions designed to give relief to dryness and eye fatigue, eye drops are real medicines. Use eye drops for conjunctivitis in the wrong way, for example by exceeding the daily dose, in some cases can lead to impairment of ocular congestion.

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