How to stay active with arthritis

It is thought that there are over 10 million living with arthritis in the UK alone and not all of these people are elderly. Although people may notice that arthritis starts to creep in and affect them after they retire for work and it is one of the reason that many people at this stage of their life start to look for Gloucester Park Homes like the ones you can find at as the homes are single storey and allow for people to remain in their own homes and independent forĀ  as long as possible.

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Although it is tempting to avoid any kind of activity when you are struggling with the pain of arthritis it is importantĀ  that you get out and about to keep your joints moving and to strengthen your muscles. This should of course be done steadily and there are awesome activities that are much better than others. Swimming is a good way to get exercise and support your body without putting extra pressure on your joints, The water helps you to feel almost weightless. Whereas, running is high impact, particularly on the joints in your legs and may need to be avoided or undertaken carefully for those with arthritis.

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Exercise can in fact help to reduce the pain that you feel with arthritis as it can help to build muscles that can then support your joints in their movements as well as strengthening the joint directly. Exercise can also improve your posture which in turn will have a positive effect on your skeletal system and the joints affected by arthritis.

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