Importance of exercise as you age

We all know how important it is to exercise as often as possible, not only for our physical bodies but also for our mental health. Any type of physical movement will help to keep your muscles supple and strengthened as well keeping your joints moving. There are a number of health conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis that can lead to reduced mobility and you might find that you need to use Mobility Aids to help you move and keep you safe on your feet.

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As we age, more often than not we start to slow down and spend more time sitting down (although we have become more of a sedentary society in general). This can lead to higher instances of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

It can also lead to higher instances of trips and falls as the muscles lose strength and suppleness. This is why it is important that you keep your activities going for as long as you can and in a way that is safe for you.

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Here are two exercises that are gentle but effective for those in older age:

  • Walking – walking for 10 to 15 minutes a day can help to keep your muscles strong and keep your joints moving. It also allows you to get out and about which can be great for your mental health.
  • Swimming – this can be a great activity to do if you want to ensure that you aren’t putting a lot of weight on your joints. In the water your effectively become weightless and it can be a great relief from conditions like arthritis.

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