Kratom Effects

To get the right Kratom effect – you need to know what different kratom strains can offer you!

What sort of Kratom Effect are you after!

Kratom is an amazing compound and can make you feels so different but happy in all these mental states! The best way to explain the difference between Kratom is to look at the different effects kratom has to offer! Find more by visit here.

The best way to do this is to split them into three categories!

Fast – Moderate – Slow – Kratom effects!

Fast strain Kratom Effects –

Will make you feel more energetic, sociable and make you more productive!

Moderate – 

Will give you more or less the same feeling but with less of a kick.

Slow strains!

These are the most Euphoric and I normal only take these on a lazy day – they still make you feel happy!

These are the basic effects that you get from Kratom depending on which strand you are taking!

An Example of How I would decide which is right for me!

If I get up in the morning and I know I have to have a really productive day with loads of socializing I will take a fast strain!

The fast strains get you going – almost like taking over the world.

If I know my day is going to normal but I still need to be productive – I will take the moderate strain!

On the moderate strain, I feel content and happy and I feel happy to get on with stuff and get it done.

The fast strain makes you feel more hyper and more social – so you tend to want to be around others – and chatty! When it comes to productivity – you get a lot more done on the fast strains!

I take the fast strain before I go to the gym…..

The slow strain – I call this one my Sunday Kratom – It makes me feel relaxed and happy.

I use to get really anxious on a Sunday – I think it dates back to my boarding school days and we had to go back to the boarding school on a Sunday and leave the farm behind.

I hated that Sunday feeling – but with Kratom I now love Sundays!

I don’t get anxious at all anymore! Just chilling and getting my head right for Monday!

This is just a little bit of what the different stain does for me –

I will Explain each kratom effect in more detail……..

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