Little things to make you feel happier

Happiness seems to something that everyone seeks, and are constantly on a mission to find happiness. Some feel money can bring happiness, while others feel getting married and having Children is the true route to happiness – but sometimes it is just the small things that can bring you happiness in day to day life. It is important to remember to live in the moment and not let time pass you by. Here are a few little things to make you feel happier in yourself. 

Random Acts of Kindness

According to research from Emory University found here, being kind to another person allows certain areas of your brain to react, and this gives you a feeling of happiness. Doing random acts such as smiling at a stranger or complimenting someone at a clothes shop will certainly give you a happy feeling. Doing this daily is proven to increase a person’s mood dramatically.

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Go for a walk 

Getting out and about for a nice walk is the best way to feel happiness, it is typical that as a working person, it is easy to just be stuck at a desk without getting much exercise – but just going on a 10 – 15 minute walk can really reduce stress and make you feel more upbeat. On days off you can get out for an early morning walk to feel the fresh air. 

Pamper yourself 

Having a nice chill out at a Spa, or just going to get your nails will allow you to feel better about yourself thus making you feel happier. If you’re not confident about your appearance, that can really affect your self esteem and happiness. Non surgical Face lift Cardiff based companies such as, can really help you with your self confidence, so be kind to others, but also be kind to yourself.

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Get in touch with old Friends 

As a species we’re social animals, so we enjoy and really thrive from the company of others, as circumstances in our lives change its easy to lose touch with others, so why not get in touch with an old friend from school or university – chances are they have wanted to initiate contact too. So be brave and send your long lost friend a facebook message.

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