Raw Food: The Pros and Cons

Raw Food

There has always been a lot of talk about vegetarianism. This topic has become especially relevant recently. More and more fans appear at one of the most radical of its directions – raw food. What, in fact, such a diet can differ from that to which all of us have been accustomed since childhood?

For raw food, fire is a real destructive force that can deprive the products of their beneficial properties. For this reason, supporters of this area completely refuse to heat the products and prefer to use them only in raw form.

This power system has its supporters and opponents. Often, doctors are urged to give up raw food, because they assure that not all substances necessary for every human body can be found in plants.

However, due to positive experiments it becomes obvious that raw food has its advantages. In the event that you are interested in raw food, it is important to understand that everything new, especially if it concerns nutrition, must be treated with caution and even with a certain amount of skepticism.

Raw Food
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About the general principles of raw food

It turns out that there are quite a few different schemes of this direction of nutrition. In this case, they themselves make the creators of the direction, as well as the peculiarities of the geographical conditions, where people living in raw diet are living. An important role can also be played by the taste preferences of raw food producers.

Some systems suggest eating only raw fruits. Other schemes allow the use of unleavened bread from whole or sprouted grain. And there are also such schemes that allow you to supplement the diet with nuts.

If you have not previously had to eat raw vegetables and fruits, try to choose a scheme with a wider diet. Then switching to a new way of eating will not be so difficult. It is important to understand that you will have to change not only one diet, but individual habits that have been very important not so long ago. For example, start eating fruit not as a dessert, but as an appetizer for the main course. Thus, from them you can get much more useful substances.

At the very beginning on a new diet for you, your state of health can be much worse. Raw meat eaters with experience all as one claim that if you have diarrhea, pain in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as rashes – then this is normal and there is no need to seek help from a doctor. After a while, the well-being of a raw newcomer should come back to normal.

Raw Food
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But nevertheless, it is obvious that when a person switches to rough vegetable food, the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can become aggravated. The appearance of a rash often becomes a sign of an allergy to a food product. It is for this reason that it is not worth abandoning the help of medical professionals.

When cooking, it is important to use any vegetable oils. It is important that the food is not cold. It is better if the food is at room temperature. All dishes should be consumed immediately, because then all the useful substances can disappear. Chew food should be very carefully.

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What are the advantages of raw food?

Advantages in this direction of vegetarianism as raw food is actually not so little. One of the first is the ability to reduce and maintain your weight. It is also important to note that the raw food is much less likely to develop diseases associated with blood vessels and the heart.

In addition, the basis of nutrition supporters of raw food is a rough fiber. It is known to be able to saturate the body and therefore the feeling of hunger very rarely arises. At the same time, the raw weight remains the same, and there are no problems associated with overeating.

Raw Food
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During hypertension, and especially if it is associated with being overweight, this direction of vegetarianism can really become a salvation. Raw meat eaters do not know about such problems as constipation, hemorrhoids and bowel flaccidity.

What are the disadvantages of a raw food diet?

This direction of vegetarianism has many disadvantages. One of them can be called non-observance of the important balance of nutrients for the human body. Switching to a new way of eating, you will notice that your muscle mass has become much smaller and at the same time it is more difficult to work.

In addition, raw food can trigger an allergy. Even if you have not previously had allergies, be careful, since some substances are capable of causing allergic reactions. They can cause an exacerbation of digestive tract diseases.

And one more negative point can be called psychological. So if you like to eat delicious, and sometimes even with an excess, then after two or three days, it may very likely be a nervous breakdown, and in the future you will overeat. Therefore, it is necessary to practice raw food diet carefully and gradually.

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