Stretching to Help You in Older Age

Stretching is one of the important components to exercising, but most people are unaware of the importance of stretching as we age. Stretching helps you prevent muscles from getting tight and also helps to lengthen muscles that have become tight or spindly. This article will give you some useful stretches to help you in older age. The stretches that are featured here can help to improve your range of motion as well as flexibility, but they are mostly beneficial for seniors who find that they have lost some of their flexibility. Even if you have decided to move into a Residential Park Homes For Sale like the ones from Park Home Life that are single storey homes, you will still need to ensure that you are looking after your back and other muscles and joints.

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The first stretch that we will look at is the hamstring stretch. To help you in older age, this stretch should be done on a day when you do not have to do anything else and are fairly relaxed. Begin by holding your hand down against the inside of your ankle and then slowly stretching forward on your toes. Repeat this several times and then switch positions to alternate hands and feet. By doing this several times you will start to notice a difference in the way that your muscles are stretched and the length of the stretch.

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Back stretches are particularly important in older age to ensure that your muscles are fully mobile and to help prevent injuries from occurring. You can do this in a seated position.Gently twist your upper body from one side to another and you will feel a gentle stretch in your lower back and in your shoulder region.

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