Medical Research trials post covid

Breakthroughs in medicine that either cure people of a disease or help them to live longer are welcome news.This is in part due to the new medications that are being used as well as faster diagnosis. An example of this is the STI test London companies such as that can provide home testing kits for individuals to use.  Research can be lengthy and costly, with clinical trials being an important part of the process. These trials help doctors to understand more about treating a certain disease or condition. They can help patients benefit from a new treatment or find out how it compares to existing ones. Many people want to help but do not have the time or have other issues with taking part in clinical trials. However, there are still other ways they can help.

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Signing up to be a research volunteer

It is often the very people who are affected by a condition who can provide insight into what it is like to live with it. Even if they aren’t eligible to take part in trials, they can join a research network by getting involved with projects, taking part in focus groups or sitting on steering groups. For example, the Alzheimer’s Society is a pioneer in involving members of the public in dementia research. Its Research Network has a team of more than 280 carers, ex-carers or dementia sufferers.

Becoming a friend

Many organisations and charities will have “Friends” groups where you pay an annual or monthly fee to receive information such as newsletters or magazines. You can also help with fund-raising events or just keep abreast of the latest developments in the field that interests you.

Working as a clinical trial assistant

Clinical trial assistants act as the support staff to do administrative work such as recording data and supervising the volunteers. To be successful, clinical trials assistants will need good communication skills along with computer skills, such as using Excel and databases.

Help to raise funds

Trying to find a cure for a disease or condition is very costly. You can help to raise funds by hosting events, such as the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support, or doing a sponsored walk, knit or spelling bee for your chosen cause. If you are planning to take part in an event, think of ways you can use it to raise money.

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