The best exercises to gain muscle and strength

exercises to gain muscle

When performing the exercises to gain muscle it is very important that we adopt the weight to our possibilities and we increase it gradually as we gain strength.

To achieve the toning of our body we must gain muscle mass. Therefore, in this article, we bring you the best exercises to gain muscle, which must accompany a healthy diet, as well as adequate rest.

Nowadays, we all want to show off a body that is not only thin but also toned. That is, with well-formed muscles. However, this is not achieved by magic: you have to work hard. The increase in muscle mass is not something that can be achieved overnight.

To achieve the results you want you will have to be very consistent and disciplined. That said, here we leave you the best exercises to gain muscle.

Do these exercises to gain muscle!

Squats with bar

exercises to gain muscle

Barbell squats are among the best exercises to gain muscle. Mainly in the legs, whether we are talking about quadriceps, calves, and glutes. You may learn best exercises for glutes.

In addition to toning your legs, doing squats with bars in the right way will strengthen your abdominal muscles and shoulders. However, you must be careful with the technique because, if you practice it badly, you can damage your back.

Start with a minimum weight and go increasing it little by little, as you progress. Also, try to alternate with other leg exercises.

Bank Press

The bench press consists of lifting the weight with bars lying on the bench. Although it mainly serves to work the pectoral muscles, it also trains the shoulders and the triceps.

However, lifting so much weight in a horizontal position requires a lot of effort. Therefore, it is important that before performing the bench press exercises you do chest flexes, so you can adapt your body to such a requirement.

Military Press

exercises to gain muscle

The Military Press is also known as “front bar press”, it is one of the best exercises to gain muscle in the shoulders. Also, this exercise helps improve posture and strengthens the muscles of the abdomen.

It consists of lifting a bar with weight while standing. The bar should be located at chest level and from there raise it to where our arms allow.

When doing it you should concentrate on the trunk, because you should not lean forward or backward. You must be very aware of this since you can cause injuries with a bad movement.

In addition to this, as you are lifting a lot of weight it is important that you do not lower the bar behind the neck since you increase the risk of injuries.

Dead weight

The deadlift may be the best exercise to gain muscle since it is very powerful. Basically, it consists of lifting the bar with weight from the floor to the height of the pelvis, or to where your arms are completely stretched and you remain upright.

The bar should be placed just above your feet, not in front of them.

It is important that when performing this exercise the descent of the bar is vertical, without leaning forward. For this, when going down you have to move your hips back.

Keep in mind that this exercise has enough intensity. Therefore, do not exaggerate with the amount of weight, since it could generate an injury. With about 7 repetitions is more than enough.

Horizontal rowing with bar

Horizontal rowing is the best exercise to gain muscle in the area of ​​the back. With this exercise, the shoulders, the forearms, and the pectorals are also worked.

To practice it you must bend the knees and tilt your torso forward, keeping the head aligned with the spine.

From that position, raise a bar with medium weight, from a little below the knees to graze the abdomen.


exercises to gain muscle

In general, a physical training to gain muscle mass should be in a range between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the intensity and time you have exercising. It is recommended that you train two or three times a week so that your muscles rest

On the other hand, respect the breaks. Not only must you dedicate yourself to the routines, but rest between exercises is also vital, since this way you guarantee muscle tension and distension.

In general, it rests 60 to 120 seconds between each series. However, if the exercise you just performed involves a lot of strength, rest for 180 seconds.


No exercise routine to gain muscle will work 100% if you do not feed yourself properly. First, what you eat will help you lose excess stored fat. Secondly, the feeding will provide you with the energy you need to be able to do the exercises.

The best recommendation we can give you in terms of nutrition is that you go with a nutritionist. He will take into account all your personal requirements to indicate the proper diet. Finally, drink plenty of water, before, during and after practicing the exercises.

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