The relationship between rap and Purple Drank

Codeine – both its consumption and its aesthetic appeal through video clips or its appearance in lyrics – take time to be part of the world of rap (in its most mainstream). But now it has widely spread in the world rap community. In this article, we will try to analyze the link between the international and national rap scene with this Purple brew.

Focusing on what concerns us, the title refers to lean, also known as Sizzurp or Purple Drank, the violet-colored drink that from a time to this part has become frequent in the imaginary mainstream rapper. Its recipe seems innocuous: cough syrup mixed with a carbonated drink, usually Sprite, but just as valid are any kind of Fanta, Gatorade or Mountain Dew. The lean is traditionally served with ice in a long glass of polyurethane, the typical cup of coffee to go but longer -the famous Doublecup – and optionally is topped with jelly beans that make it inherently sweeter. The narcotic effect of the drink is found in codeine and promethazine syrup. The purple colored drink has become a part of life frequent in the imaginary mainstream rapper. Purple Drank is traditionally served with ice in an elongated polyurethane cup, the typical but long-carrying coffee cup – the famous doublecup – and is optionally garnished with jelly beans, which makes it sweeter in itself.

Yam was an assiduous consumer of this cocktail, had spoken openly of its addictions and was also famous for its excesses and uncontrolled parties. Codeine, one of the active ingredients of sizzurp is an opiate, such as heroin or morphine.

To find the origin of the sizzurp you have to look at Houston, Texas. According to researcher Lance Scott Walker, author of Houston Rap and Houston Rap Tapes, two books necessary for anyone who has an interest in the peculiar panorama of that city, already in the sixties and seventies the syrup Robitussin was consumed with beer by the Blues musicians from the Third and Fifth Ward, neighborhoods that later came out the rappers Scott Walker portrays. In the 1980s the formula changed to the sugary version that is stylized today and in the nineties, DJ Screw created the ideal soundtrack for the consumer of the purple drink. Since then this amazing party drink has won millions of heart all over the world. Thanks to the creator musicians who took the responsibilities to brought in the heaven drink on earth.  Here you can find more information:

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