TV shows and the hoarding of clothes

New TV shows about hoarding, cleaning and home makeovers have been released this year on all major channels. They seem to be a major hit with viewers and are expected to be the next big thing after cooking and baking shows. Many viewers expressed feelings of satisfaction after watching dramatic makeover shows. The best rated episode features a man named Tim who owned thousands of items of clothing. Many of the items were higher priced designer garments. Mens designer jeans were particularly common in all his wardrobes. Some of the clothing presented on the show still had tags attached to them. EJ Menswear was cited as one of Tim’s favourite fashion retailers as their items are all from designer brands and appealed to him because of their quality.

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A new segment on the show, which was particularly popular with viewers on social media, was the fashion advice segment. A popular stylist and fashion editor was invited onto the show to help hoarders establish a personal sense of style. The stylist also helped to advise on the types of clothes that should be kept, donated, and thrown away. The stylist chose a black turtleneck jumper as a key unisex staple item. Other recommended items for the hoarders to keep were high quality plain t-shirts and footwear. The emotional attachments to the clothes are what really held all the people on the show back from making their lives more minimal and their homes more functional.

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