What areas of your health should you keep an eye on.

As age starts to creep up on us we begin to wonder what areas of our health and body do we need to focus on. Hopefully you will already be living a healthy lifestyle with no smoking, excessive drinking and making sure that you get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables but there is always room to make sure things are working as they should. Undergoing routine checks and bi yearly MOT’s after you get past forty is a very wise idea. Sexual health should also be considered and getting an available Home StI  Kits London  way or anywhere else in the country can make sure that that side of your life is completely sorted. Kits come from services like https://www.greenwichsexualhealth.org/home_sti_kits/ for example.

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What are the most common tests to take? Here are a few.

  1. Blood pressure tests – Your blood pressure is the force that is exerted on the arteries and walls of your bodies veins. If this is too high it can damage the heart. A regular check =, which is simple, quick and painless can be conducted at anytime. You might not even know that you have high, or low blood pressure and there will be subsequent tests if anything is found. There are plenty of treatments if there are any issues.

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  1. Breast screening – Sadly this is still one of the most common examples of cancer in women and therefore, as with smear tests,  there is quite a lot of regularity in terms of testing for it.  A mammary scan is required that deeply x-rays the breast. Much of this is down to you and making regular checks of your breasts to look for anomalies or lumps.
  2. Cervical screening – A necessary yet unpleasant test that is vital to women. It is the best way to check that there are no abnormal cells that could develop into cervical cancer that can have terrible consequences so it should always be taken if you are sent a reminder.
  3. Taking Vaccinations. These are very important yearly treatments that can keep at bay some of the worst illnesses. The flu jab is one of the most famous and regular ones that you need to take. Flu is a serious illness that can lead onto to very serious complications, especially in the lungs.

Taking tests and going to the Doctors is very laborious and time consuming but it is also very, very important. Don’t ignore your body.

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