What Is a Power Buyer and Why Are They so Attractive to Sellers?

A ‘power buyer’ is an individual, couple or family who has prepared well in advance and can move homes promptly, having their finances in order. It can be someone who has already sold their home and is ready to move into a new property. It can also be a cash buyer, which is always an attractive option to the seller, or even a first-time buyer armed confidently with a mortgage agreed in principle. Sellers are more drawn to these groups of people, as it makes their personal move more convenient.

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Cash Can Be King of the Housing Market

Fortunately, power buyers have strength in today’s market. It’s easy to get into a good position and ensure you appear a ready, willing and attractive buyer. A seller will want to know that you are not in a chain or, if you are, the connections are minimal. A long chain can be a nightmare to deal with, as even a small problem can collapse the entire chain. Despite not having immediate cash at your disposal, there are ways you can make yourself more attractive.

Ensure Your Contracts Have Exchanged on the Sale of Your Home

If you don’t have a pocketful of cash to spare, a good way of being in a solid position is to ensure you have exchanged the all-important contracts. This moves you into a favourable position, and you are just as attractive as someone with cash in hand. If you haven’t exchanged contracts, even showing you have a sale agreed in principle is a decent position.

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For those requiring a home buyers survey Milton Keynes has an array of professionals who will be pleased to assist with the paperwork. For a home buyers survey Milton Keynes is one of many areas which offer this vital service to movers. And it’s a time for both buyers and sellers. According to the Evening Standard, buyers and sellers are both benefiting as house prices are rising and falling in the capital.

Don’t Leave Essentials to the Last Minute

Get prepared and you can make yourself into an attractive buyer. Sellers notice buyers who have done their homework, have sorted out their paperwork in advance and can show they are ready and able to move. Ensure all paperwork is completed and bank statements ready in case they are needed.

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