What new sports will we see at Tokyo 2020?

Rio 2016 is now three past and we have just one year left to wait for the next Olympic Games. The process for selecting new sports to be included in the 2020 games in Tokyo is well underway and in some cases they have been confirmed. You will be able to view coverage of all of the new sports as well as the standard Olympic programme on the television. That is as long as you have an aerial that is full working order. A TV Aerial Repair Cheltenham company will be able to help with an issues that you have and steve unett aerials provide a tv aerial repair cheltenham service that you can use.

A total of 26 different sports put in a bid to be included in the 2020 showpiece and these have now been whittled down to just eight. The International Olympic Committee recently introduced more flexible rules in terms of new sports being added to the Olympic programme, with host cities being given the chance to choose one new sport on a one-off basis.

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As reported by the BBC one of the main sports that did not make it to the final eight is snooker. After undergoing a surge in popularity on a worldwide basis in recent years, snooker bosses were hopeful of the sport being selected for Tokyo. Snooker is now hugely popular in Asian countries such as China, India and Thailand, but this was not enough to see it progress further in the selection process. Other sports that will not be seen on the Olympic stage in 2020 include bowls, water skiing, netball, polo and American football.

The final eight

The eight sports that remain in the running for inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are baseball/softball, karate, bowling, squash, sport climbing, roller sports, surfing and wushu (a martial art). As it is the host city that will recommend one or more of these sports to the IOC for inclusion, the winning sport is sure to be one that enjoys great popularity in Japan and the favourites for inclusion appear to be baseball/softball and bowling.

The favourites

As mentioned in the International Business Times, ten-pin bowling has grown rapidly in popularity in Japan in recent years. In a testament to the depth of this popularity, bowling officials collected over one million signatures to support their Olympic bid.

The combined baseball/softball bid remains the overall favourite to be successful, as men’s baseball and women’s baseball are both massively popular in Japan and have been for some considerable time. It is difficult to see another sport triumphing over these considerable odds, but stranger things have happened.

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