10 tips not to wash your hair every day

10 tips not to wash your hair every day

Some amazing tricks not to wash your hair every day

It is often thought that it is necessary to wash your hair every day. However, this is absolutely not the case. Washing your hair is something you should not do more than 3 times a week to avoid damaging them and to avoid getting them used to regrease too quickly. To achieve not wash your hair every day, there are some simple tips that can be applied by all without effort. This will allow you to preserve their beauty.

Here are 10 tips for not washing your hair every day, avoiding the inconvenience this may cause. These tips are all simple and practical. Just show a little ingenuity to keep hair beautiful and radiant without necessarily washing every day! Dry shampoo, a good hairbrush, braids … All this can help you keep your hair beautiful and fresh without washing it every day! Let’s go!

1. The dry shampoo

Our first tip for not washing your hair every day? Use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a shampoo in the form of spray or powder that is applied to the roots of her hair. It absorbs excess oil into your hair, making it light, shiny and healthy in the blink of an eye. If you do not have time to wash your hair or want to space your shampoos, using it is a great option.

10 tips not to wash your hair every dayIf you choose a dry spray shampoo, spray it about 20 cm from the root of your hair. Leave it before brushing your hair with your head down, to remove the white residue that the dry shampoo leaves in your hair. Preferably choose a dry shampoo composed of natural products and without artificial odors. It will be equally effective and will not have negative effects on your hair or your health.

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2. The accessories

Using accessories can also be helpful if you do not want to wash your hair every day. Indeed, some of the oil produced by your hair is due to the fact that you touch them constantly. If you make sure not to touch your hair by holding it in a certain way, whether with a rubber band, clips or bobby pins, they will grease much less quickly so you can easily space your shampoos.

Choose hairstyles that you like and that will fit you. But it must be said, having the hair falling all the time on the face is not very practical or very elegant! So how do you make the most of her beauty and hair in a way that enhances us, right? Why not try the banana bun? Or an elegant hairstyle that allows you to fold your hair gently back? Perfect not to wash your hair every day!

3. Make braids

Braiding can also help you not wash your hair every day! At the end of the week, when you have greasy hair and you do not have the time or the desire to wash them, just think of braiding them! A braid hides in an instant the fact that the hair is flat and greasy. Nothing is easier to hide his greasy hair. In addition, the treses are fashionable and there are plenty of ways to vary! We do not hesitate!

10 tips not to wash your hair every dayYou can opt for a classic look by pulling your hair back and making a single thin braid, but you can also have fun creating a thicker braid by playing on the volume of it! A slightly messy braid gives style and character to any look! Glued braids are also very fashionable! Come on, the important thing is to try! In addition, it will very well go!

4. Combing hair at night

To avoid washing your hair every day, nothing is better than combing them at night. Why? Simply because combing your hair before bedtime stimulates blood circulation in the roots of your hair. Your hair will be more beautiful and healthier the next day, as if by magic. It is more important for that to choose well his comb. Indeed, not all combs are equal.

10 tips not to wash your hair every dayA wooden comb is better than a plastic comb, simply because the material will not promote the rapid lubrication of your hair. Once you have combed and disentangled your hair (wet, wavy, or curly), you can tie them in a ponytail or braid to sleep. This will protect your hair and prevent it from becoming fat faster. A very good idea when you want to space shampoos!

5. Change the place line

To avoid washing your hair every day, there’s nothing like regularly changing your hairline. If it does not change, the natural oils of your hair can tend to accumulate and therefore make your hair flatter and fat quickly. The solution to this problem? Change your streak of space regularly, and avoid straight stripes, which can moreover give you a look a little too classic and severe.

In addition, changing your strapline makes their volume to your hair. They will look even nicer and healthier. Do not hesitate to change your line of place during the day. This will give you a bit of a rebel look, and you will keep your hair clean for longer. All to gain and nothing to lose, so why not just follow this trick?

6. Avoid flat hair

10 tips not to wash your hair every dayTo avoid washing your hair every day, it is also important to be careful not to have a hairstyle that makes your hair look flat. Indeed, the more the hair is flat, the more easily we notice when they are not clean. It is therefore important to choose a hairstyle and a haircut that restore volume to our hair if they are of a fairly flat nature. Once that is done, it becomes much easier to comb your hair and keep your hair clean longer without lava daily. For more beautiful and healthy hair naturally!

7. Wash your hairbrush

One can often forget the importance of washing one’s hairbrush. However, this is a crucial step if you do not want to wash your hair every day. Our hair brushes retain the oils naturally present in our hair by being in close contact with them. By carefully caring for and cleaning instruments that come into contact with our hair, it becomes much easier to wash your hair less often.

Take care to clean your hairbrush, comb and all the elements that come into regular contact with your hair. Your pillowcase for example, if it is not changed often enough, can make your hair look more oily. So we pay attention to all these little details that can make our hair seem less clean when that’s what we’re actually trying to avoid.

8. Pay attention to your diet

10 tips not to wash your hair every dayPaying attention to one’s diet is also important for not washing one’s hair every day. Indeed, what we eat has a direct impact on our appearance in general, our hair included. If you want to suffer less oily hair and be able to space your shampoos over time, you should consider adjusting your diet accordingly. For example, consuming less fried products is a good idea. Fruits, nuts, or green vegetables will help you produce fewer oils in your scalp. To be more beautiful and healthier without effort!

9. Makeup

In order not to wash every day, it can be helpful to focus on makeup. Indeed, if your makeup becomes the center of attention, it will be easier to forget your hair. So you can spend time applying makeup correctly, always depending on the occasion, the time and your makeup skills! Attracting attention to your eyes or mouth will distract your hair if you have not had the opportunity to wash it recently.

Yes, it’s simple, but it changes everything, like most beauty tips. It usually takes very little to be more beautiful and feel better about yourself. There is no point in trying to apply complicated tricks! The simplest is usually the ones that work the best, both in the short term and in the long term! So we start, and we do not forget to put on makeup if we want!

10. Know how to wash your hair properly

10 tips not to wash your hair every dayTo avoid washing your hair every day, it is important to know how to wash your hair properly. First, it is best to use lukewarm water or cold water with warm water to preserve hair, make it more beautiful, shiny and resistant. Apply shampoo only at your roots, not along your tips. Also, apply conditioner only at your tips and not at the root level. Always prefer to let your hair dry naturally rather than using a hair dryer to do it.

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