5 reasons why you do not lose weight

lose weight

When trying to lose weight, nothing is worse than making efforts but not understanding why it does not work. So we looked for and found 5 possible reasons that could make you fail to lose weight despite the changes you make to your lifestyle in this way. Following these tips should allow you to make your weight gain more effective without making a fuss!

Indeed, the elements having a great influence on our weight are quite numerous. Whether it’s our state of mind, our metabolism, our eating or sports habits, most elements of our daily lives can help us or prevent us from losing weight. To achieve this, you need to be thorough and disciplined while applying effective tips and tricks. Let’s go!

1. Change the intensity

The intensity of your workout is extremely important for your weight loss. In fact, to lose weight, you must be able to burn enough calories so that your body does not store fat but uses it. How to do this? Well, if you see that your sports training is not enough to make you lose weight, it would probably be wise to intensify it.

lose weightWhen you exercise without leaving your comfort zone, you probably do not burn enough calories to allow significant weight loss. Of course, that does not mean that you have to train like crazy, without resting! But intensifying your exercises during your session, gradually, can lead to better results. In addition, it is good for the morale to know that one is able to surpass oneself! Continue reading:  Weight Loss: 7 tips to losing weight fast

2. Be regular

To lose weight, there is nothing more important than regularity. Indeed, when it comes to its weight and shape, every day counts and small failures accumulate. You must, therefore, stay as much as possible true to your program in order to reach your goal. This is as good on the sporting as moral or food. Think of your weight loss as a wall. Every day you drop bricks, and motivation is the glue that binds them together. If you forget a brick, the ones on the top will not fit: the wall crumbles.

lose weightIt’s not about training at the gym every night if you do not have the time, or eat light foods that you do not like. The important thing is to find ways to stay active and eat properly. Choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk instead of taking the bus, take a walk after work. Find playful and friendly ways to pursue your goal effectively and without the fuss.

3. Pay attention to portions

We tend to have a very bad habit: always fill your plate to the brim, regardless of the food you put in it and without taking into account the calories. However, in many cases, simply reducing portions makes weight gain much easier and more effective. There is really no need to count calories, but you can simply use smaller plates so you do not feel like you’re not eating enough.

lose weightThis tip seems self-evident, but it is very effective when it comes to losing weight. Sometimes we tend not to pay attention to the amount of food we eat but rather to the type of food. Of course, both are important, but the quantity still has an important role in our loss or weight gain. We pay attention to its portions: and we eat his vegetables first!

4. Drink water more often

Drinking water is not only necessary for our life, it also allows us to control our appetite and our weight. Indeed, drinking water has two main effects on our weight. At first, water takes up space in our stomach and drinking while we are at the table helps to achieve a feeling of fullness more quickly. Thus, we are less hungry without eating more. If it’s hard to stop eating, there’s nothing like drinking a big glass of water before eating and drinking a little during the meal.

lose weightThe second beneficial effect of water to lose weight? When our body is well hydrated, we are more likely to have an effective metabolism. Indeed, without water, our body does not function to the maximum of its capacities. It is therefore important to be careful to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, to stay well hydrated and allow our body to burn fat effectively. And then water, there is no better drink!

5. 1 + 1 = 3

We know, mathematically, this formula is not correct. And yet, it’s the winning formula for losing weight. We explain, do not worry. Do not think about your training and your nutrition as two detached elements. Combined, they have an extremely powerful effect: a good diet allows you to be more effective in the sport, and a sports practice pushes you to go to foods that are good for you.

Linked, both allow you to lose weight effectively. The thing you do not do? Mentally link your diet to your physical training. This step is crucial for you to become aware of the impact of these two elements on your health but especially on your weight loss.

Feel free to share your fears and concerns about your weight loss in the comments, we will be happy to help you!

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