7 Natural Beauty Tips from Around the World

7 Natural Beauty Tips from Around the World

7 amazing beauty tips from around the world

The women of the world all have different tips to stay beautiful. These tips have been passed down from generation to generation for millennia and are still popular and effective among those who use them. We love the care that makes us beautiful and makes us feel good about the body and mind. So we have selected for you beauty tips that will make you travel. A natural beauty advice of the world, it is always useful!

Each culture has beauty traditions that are specific to it. These traditions are usually natural and effective, making you more beautiful while opening your mind and without hurting you. What better? From India to Colombia, to Poland, Bulgaria or Chile, here are some natural beauty tips that can help you feel better about yourself and your mind. Let’s go! Promised, it’s all good!

1. Colombia: The lawyer for shiny hair

A beauty advice from the world straight from Colombia? The avocado for the hair. In Colombia, the lawyer is one of the best-known beauty tips and the people are the fondest of them. Indeed, the avocado is filled with good oils and has excellent moisturizing properties for your skin but also for your hair. When you want to have beautiful hair in a natural way, nothing like using the lawyer.

7 Natural Beauty Tips from Around the WorldMix in a bowl an avocado, a banana and olive oil. Once you get a uniform dough, apply this one to your hair by emphasizing the roots but also the tips. Leave on for about an hour before rinsing with cold water and washing your hair with your favorite shampoo. Your hair will shine brightly like those of Colombian women, known for their beauty.

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2. Brazil: Oats to cure sunburn

Brazilian women are known for their beauty, and they know excellent beauty tips especially in summer! This tip is extremely easy to use and requires an ingredient that we all have in our closets: oats. If you take care to read the nutritional information on your oat can, you will realize that the minerals and vitamins it contains are not only good for your health but also for your skin.

7 Natural Beauty Tips from Around the WorldBrazilian women, therefore, use this natural beauty advice from around the world: they apply oats to their skin to relieve and cure a sunburn. How are they doing? Well, nothing more simple. They place oats in a piece of light gauze and let the water run through it, taking care to recover the water that has been impregnated with oats, either in a bathtub or in a bathtub. container. Then, they leave the part of their body suffering from a sunburn in this water. Oats have anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Chili: Grapes and flour for the skin

In Chile, women have natural beauty tips from the world to share: flour and grapes for beautiful skin. Chiliennes are known for their beautiful skin, luminous, smooth and without imperfections. Well, their secret is simple and yet extremely effective. They mix crushed grapes with a little flour in a bowl: preferably a handful of grapes and three to four tablespoons of flour.

7 Natural Beauty Tips from Around the WorldThe mixture is mixed, it is applied on his face for about ten minutes and his face is then washed. Your skin should regain radiance! This can work especially if you feel like you look more tired than usual. The grape gives back tone and elasticity to your skin, and the flour smoothes it and makes its imperfections less visible. Result: a beautiful skin worthy of those of Chilean women!

4. Bulgaria: Rosewater for the face

A natural beauty advice from the world comes straight from Bulgaria? Bulgarian women, known for their beauty tips, like to use rose water in their beauty routine, especially when it comes to facial skin. Indeed, the products we use on our skin, for example cleaning products, have an effect on it but they are often stuffed with chemicals that can attack our skin.

7 Natural Beauty Tips from Around the WorldThe solution? Use rose water to wash your face, as do Bulgarian women. You can use diluted rose water or infuse rose petals in water (and wait for it to cool down) before applying it to your face to clean it gently and naturally. The rose will clean your skin, moisturize it and will gradually disappear your imperfections. And, it feels so good!

5. Greece: Olive oil for the skin

A natural beauty advice from around the world from Greece? Olive oil for a radiant healthy skin. Greek women have a lot of beauty tips secrets that work, but this is certainly one of the best and easiest to use. Indeed, olive oil has moisturizing but also antioxidant properties and applying it to your skin can have an effect more than bluffing!

7 Natural Beauty Tips from Around the WorldBut how are they doing? Well, it’s simple: they add all their dishes. Nothing better for your skin than to feed it from the inside! Greek food is naturally rich in olive oil, so be sure to buy it the next time you shop and eat it in whatever way you like it the most and want it the most! This can be as simple as dipping a piece of bread in olive oil.

6. Poland: The egg mask for hair

Polish women have a natural beauty advice of the world to share: eggs in the mask for the hair. In Poland, it is common to use egg yolks to get more beautiful hair! How are they doing? It’s simple, just mix egg yolks with a little olive oil and lemon juice. They then apply the mixture to their hair, emphasizing the roots and spreading the rest over the lengths and ends.

7 Natural Beauty Tips from Around the WorldThey leave the mask on their hair for about 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water and washing with their usual shampoo. The egg yellows make the hair stronger and prevent it from breaking, thus reducing your split ends and making them shine. Nothing simpler and more natural for your hair, yet the effectiveness of this treatment is proven!

7. India: Turmeric for beautiful skin

Indian women have natural beauty tips from the world to share: they use turmeric to have beautiful skin. For this, a spoon of turmeric powder is mixed with honey and plain yogurt, so as to obtain a fairly consistent paste. This paste is applied to the face for about a quarter of an hour taking care to avoid the eye area and then rinse well with warm or cold water.

7 Natural Beauty Tips from Around the WorldYour skin will not become yellow! On the contrary, it will look brighter and clearer and you will look better instantly! This method can also help you get rid of hair on your face! It’s up to you to try and tell us what you think!


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