Natural remedies to speed up metabolism and lose weight

lose weight

To encourage those who have difficulty losing weight the healthy way, today we talk about metabolism: it is, how it works, what are the natural remedies to speed up metabolism and lose weight.

What is metabolism?

The metabolism is the set of biochemical processes that regulate the rate at which energy intake with food and drink are turned into energy needed to ensure the primary activities carried out and not on a daily basis. The speed of the metabolic process determines the attitude to accumulate excess calories.

Our body consumes calories even during sleep and wakefulness. This physiological ability to hold active vital functions at rest is called basal metabolism, and a healthy and basically sedentary person represents 60-75% of total energy expenditure.

To accelerate the basal metabolic rate you need to know three things …

  • Food, eating five meals a day to ensure an adequate amount of protein and over Total 1.200kcal.
  • Thermogenesis induced by diet or more simply, the energy spent by the body every time we eat. It consists of thermogenesis obliged – digestion and absorption of nutrients – and thermogenesis optional – nerve activation induced, for example, by Nerve Agents such as those containing caffeine, caffeine, theobromine, efedina.
  • Physical Activity which, as we all know, favors the disposal of excess calories, melting fat and increase muscle mass which, by itself, increases metabolic activity.

What are the natural remedies to speed up metabolism?

Making movement: The first natural remedy to awaken your metabolism is the movement. Practicing a sport constantly, dedicate half an hour each day in physical activity such as walking or choose stairs instead of the elevator, they are all exercises that can become routine and get used to the metabolism to accelerate.

Rest: The body works best when it is well rested. Sleeping 6 to 8 hours a night and enjoy an afternoon nap 30 minutes at most are nice and healthy habits because they promote better physical performance and accelerate metabolism.

Drinking and purify: Allow the toxins accumulate in the body means to hinder the physiological processes of the organism, including the speed of metabolism. As mentioned several times in the articles of this blog, drink at least 2 liters of water a day and choose drinks and detoxifying foods is a great way to facilitate the elimination of toxins and metabolic process.

Avoid prolonged diets: It seems a paradox but it is not: dietary regimes that impose the intake of fewer calories a day they force the body to retain fat reserves and not to burn. A truly healthy diet, plus quality foods should also provide for an adequate number of calories is the performance of physiological functions that the specific daily activities: An employee has a calorie-consuming than a clerk or a truck driver.

Eat foods that speed up metabolism: Power is essential to be in good health and has an important impact on metabolism. Some foods have the ability to speed up metabolism, the main ones are: onion, apple, celery, garlic, lemon, pepper, spices, lettuce, cabbage, avocado, papaya, turnips, asparagus, spinach, broccoli and leafy vegetables.

Ours are indications that in any way replace medical advice. If you want to speed up your metabolism to lose weight, tips implements common sense and especially contact a nutritionist.

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