5 Health properties of the goji berry

properties of the goji berry

The goji berry is a berry from a shrub native to China. She is in every mouth and on the covers of every magazine. It is a star food that is reputed to have an incredible amount of qualities! A health property of the goji berry? For example, it is known to have a remarkable anti-aging effect. And in addition, it tastes good! It is a food with many miracle properties!

Here are 6 healthy properties of the goji berry so that you are able to know when to consume this plant and what it can bring to your body! Indeed, nothing like products and natural foods for immediate and effective health effects! So we read our article to learn more about this miracle food! What’s better than a “superfood” to be healthy while staying zen?

1. It boosts the immune system

A property of the goji berry? It boosts the immune system and helps fight colds. The vitamins contained in goji berries have the ability to truly strengthen the immune system. It must be consumed regularly. You can eat them as is or incorporate them into your favorite recipes. There is something for everyone!

properties of the goji berryThe goji berry also has the property of reducing the risk of infection in adults who have received an influenza vaccine. Of course, it is important to remember that eating goji berries cannot in any way fight the diseases in itself: only reduce the chances of you catching them. It is not a medicine but a food that has health properties that can be learned to use in its favor. See this article: How to make a diet for the first months of pregnancy

2. It has antioxidant properties

The next health property of the goji berry? This one is anti-oxidant. Studies have shown that they contain antioxidants in large numbers. Antioxidants protect the cells and prevent them from aging and dying prematurely, which allows us to maintain a youthful appearance for a longer time in terms of the quality of the skin, the complexion or even the hair!

Mature people who eat goji berries regularly show a decrease in signs of aging such as hyperpigmentation or yellow spots in the eyes. The effects of the goji berry on the signs of aging are therefore clearly visible and can serve you. Indeed, it is always better to consume a natural food and good for your health than to resort to expensive care and sometimes stuffed with chemicals!

3. It can help lose weight

Another health property of the goji berry? It would help to lose weight. Goji berries contain a lot of nutrients despite their small size: fiber, vitamins in short many good things. They are a good alternative when you have a little hunger: indeed, eating some is good for health, does not grow and can fill the hungry mid-day! Keep reading http://carroussa.com/health/7-ways-to-remove-stress-your-heart/

properties of the goji berryGoji berries are a low-calorie and low-sugar food: a good substitute for other fat-rich or high-sugar nuts! A handful of goji berries contains only 23 calories! So, when we feel that a little hunger arrives, we do not deprive ourselves especially! Of course, it is important not to abuse but eating one or two handfuls every day will not hurt you!

4. It increases testosterone

A health property of the goji berry quite amazing? It increases testosterone in men who consume it and has therefore been used for a long time to answer to fertility problems. A study on rats shows that regular consumption of goji berries has a positive effect on fertility problems in men! To consume drastically reduces these problems in those who consume that it is erectile disorders or lower testosterone level.

The goji berry has indeed positive effects on almost all aspects of the health of the person who consumes it: for this reason, it is described as “superfood” since it really allows to fight against various health problems known by most people, but also prevent them and delay aging while being easy to find on the market and good taste.

5. It reduces blood sugar

properties of the goji berryAnother health property of the goji berry? It helps to regulate blood sugar, that is to say, the amount of sugar in the blood. If you have too much glucose, eating goji berries will help you balance the amount of sugar in your blood so that it gradually returns to normal. Be careful, however, if you have a low blood sugar level, it is better that you seek the advice of your doctor before adding goji berries to your daily diet to avoid hypoglycemia attacks. Again, everything with care and moderation! What more?

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