How to track your stock inventory

If you sell products, either through a physical store or online, it is important that you have some kind inventory tracking. This not only allows you to see when you need to restock certain items but it can also help you identify the products that sell the best.

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There are a number of ways that you can create an inventory, and the method that you choose will depend on the size of your store, number of items you sell and the budget that you have available.

Spreadsheet – a simple spreadsheet can be used if you have very few items in your store. You can track those products that you have available and note when they sell.If you are just starting out in online retail you may wish to opt for this method.

Accounting software – there are a number of different accounting software packages that allow you to track inventory items directly in the software. You should speak with an Accountants Swindon such as to find out which software is best for your needs.

Inventory software – if you have a large physical store or an online store with lots of inventory items you might want to consider using specialised inventory software. It is important to note that these are often quite expensive so be sure that you are in a stable financial position before taking on this kind of expense.

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