5 tips for building muscles when you stay in the office

5 tips for building muscles when you stay in the office

How to building muscles in office

Between the 8 hours a day spent at the office, the transport times, the race in the morning and evening, not easy to find time to take care of yourself and play sports. And if the solution was to reconcile physical activity and office time? But yes, it’s possible! With these few tips, you will be able to muscles at all discretion, while working.

1. Go to the office

Do you live in a big city and drive to the office every day? What if you thought of another means of transport?

In major cities, most trips are faster by bike than by car. With half an hour of cycling a day, your buttocks and your legs, for sure, will thank you. Is the bike not suitable for your trip? Opt for public transportation! You will spend more than in your car: up and down stairs to reach your subway, walk to the nearest bus station, it’s already a lot when you’re not used to it. And if you get off a stop before your usual bus or metro stop, to complete your walk?

2. Arrival at the office

5 tips for building muscles when you stay in the officeForget the elevator! Take the stairs: tummy tucked in, back straight, step up the stairs on tiptoe, breathing deeply and calmly. By banishing the lift from your work day, you are asking for your legs, your abs, your glutes. Your blood circulation and heart rate will improve.

3. Sitting position

5 tips for building muscles when you stay in the officeOnce sitting in front of your computer, always keep an active posture. Do not relax, do not slouch on your chair, stay upright, with your stomach tucked in, your shoulders pulled down. And at intervals, do these few discrete exercises: contract your gluteal muscles, one after the other, then both at the same time. Start with 30 contractions and then increase them as the days go by.

If you spend a long time in the office chair, and you suffer back pain, you say yourself yes, then read also this article for relief your back pain:

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Always seated properly, well advanced on the edge of your chair, lift one leg while leaving your leg vertically, then the other. Another exercise: place your arms along your body and rest your hands on the chair seat near your hips. Stretch your arms, your buttocks rise and raise your leg horizontally. Keep the posture 10 seconds. Rest it and change your leg.

4. Standing position

5 tips for building muscles when you stay in the officeIf you are standing, do not hesitate: continue to exercise. Flat feet, put on the tips, and go down on your heels. Do this exercise twenty times, as soon as you think about it. You can also lift a foot and describe small circles with it, in one direction then the other, to loosen your ankles.

You can also work your arms: standing facing a wall, lean forward, put your hands on the wall and push back, as if you were doing standing pumps.

5. During your breaks

5 tips for building muscles when you stay in the officeFinally, when you take a break, do not hesitate to do small exercises less discreet than the previous ones. Sitting, you can strengthen your upper body: take a bottle of water and use a dumbbell by doing the classic exercises found in gyms. Be careful to always keep your back straight and your stomach tight.

With the same bottle of water, muscle your thighs. Sitting, hold the bottle between your thighs, feet on the tips, put pressure on your thighs inward to build the powerful muscles of your thighs. All you have to do is follow these tips to build your muscles in the office!

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