How To Lose Weight In The Fingers?

How To Lose Weight In The Fingers?

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There are almost no women on the planet who are 100% satisfied with their appearance. Artists of antiquity believed that plump female fingers are quite attractive. Especially if they are decorated with massive precious rings. The aristocratic 19th century completely changed this view. One can argue for a long time about what is preferable: subtle thinness or mouth-watering forms, but almost everything dreams of long, delicate fingers.

“I am in love with your thin Polish hands, with this blood of blue kings” – Alexander Vertinsky sang. Indeed, elegant ladies’ fingers give a special charm and make an indelible impression on men. The desire to lose weight in the fingers seems absurd only at first glance, for some girls it becomes a real mania.

How To Lose Weight In The Fingers?

Are there proven ways to make the cherished dream a reality? Of course! After all, as they say, there is no limit to perfection. Especially when it comes to female attractiveness. Our review today is devoted to a delicate and delicate aspect of what to do to lose weight on your fingers.

Why does the size of the fingers increase?

The problem becomes urgent when the favorite ring does not want to be put on your hand. Do not rush to take it to stretch in the jewelry workshop. At first, think about why your fingers lost their subtle forms? In fact, the whole variety of reasons boils down to two main points:

The appearance of edema due to insufficient elimination of fluid from the body

Swelling of the hands can for medical reasons (violation of the kidneys, heart, thyroid gland). Of course, doctors should deal with serious pathologies of water exchange.

If everything is okay with health, then the following actions will help to lose weight in the fingers with edema:

  • Reduce non-clean water intake. Drink at least 3 glasses of water a day.
  • Do not drink liquid 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • Include more natural juices, cucumbers, and watermelons in the menu. In addition to the source of biologically structured fluid, these are excellent suppliers of vitamins that speed up the metabolism.
  • Limit fatty foods and smoked meats.
  • The fluid in the body is concentrated due to excess sodium. It is contained in salinities, pickles, chips, crackers, as well as products with a high content of sodium glutamate (canned food, sausages, snacks, semi-finished products). Food enriched with a flavor enhancer threatens with uncontrolled overeating, which makes it even more difficult to lose weight in the fingers.
  • Natural diuretics can help fight edema: decoction of dandelion, hawthorn, horsetail, parsley.

Weight gain

If you like to eat, then your hands get better in the same way as other problem areas. The reverse is also true. As soon as the weight starts to fall, the fingers will also lose weight. Unfortunately, the miracle diet pill has not yet been found. Nutritionists continue to give standard tips:

  • reduce the calorie content of dishes due to the restriction of sweet, flour, fatty foods;
  • adhere to fractional meals in small portions;
  • Increase physical activity.

Fast finger exercises will help you lose weight fast. Make it easy and pleasant. On the hands, there are many receptors – active points responsible for the work of individual organs. Regularly performing such exercises, you will receive an additional beneficial effect on the prevention of arthrosis and the improvement of the body as a whole.

For exercises, it will take no more than 10-15 minutes a day, which can be easily found even in the busiest schedule. For such gymnastics do not need to go to the fitness room. It can be done in moments of relaxation, watching TV or in bed before bedtime. As they say, everything is in our hands!

Complex for slimming fingers

A specially designed exercise program includes several steps: stretching, developing flexibility and strengthening the fingers. They must be performed consistently, gradually increasing the pace.

To start, do a light workout. Stroke each finger from the base to the tip and back. Then rub your palms together and make rubbing movements that mimic the washing of hands.


Stretching fingers is useful in front of the main complex in order to increase joint mobility and improve blood circulation. Simple manipulations will not only help you lose weight with your fingers but will also make them a little longer.

  • Firmly grab the little finger and pull it up. Hold the extended position 10-15 s, then gently release. Do exercise for all fingers.
  • Holding the finger along the entire length, twist it in a clockwise direction. Then repeat the movement in the opposite direction.
  • Grasp each finger in succession by the nail and pull 5-10 times.
  • Tilt your fingers left and right, holding their tip with your other hand.
  • At the same time, bend and unbend the fingers of both hands in the interphalangeal joints. Do 30-40 extensions.

Increase flexibility

  • Put the brush on the table, as on the keys. Mimic playing the piano by rearranging your fingers until they get tired. Performing this exercise is well accompanied by rhythmic music.

  • Place your hands on the table and tear off each finger one by one. You’d be surprised, but at first, it will be difficult to do. Observe an important condition: you need to raise only one finger, all the rest at this time remain pressed to the table.
  • Exercise on the whole brush. Lift one hand above the table, bending it at the wrist. Press it with your second hand, bending it backward. Then do the same action with your hands exchanged. In between, relax your fingers as if shaking them off.
  • Fan your fingers, fixing the limit position for 3-5 seconds.


All strength exercises should be performed carefully, increasing the load gradually. Otherwise, you risk not to strengthen, but to hurt your fingers.

  • Fall on the wall. Stand facing the wall at a distance of 1.5 m. Feet should not slide on the floor. Start falling from the pelvis, holding the body vertically. Touch the phalanxes of your fingers to the wall, push off from it and return to the starting position. Run 5-10 times.
  • Stand on the fingers. Take a push up position and hold it as much as you can.

How To Lose Weight In The Fingers?

  • Vis on the hands. Hang on the bar or horizontal bar for 15 seconds. Then gently land on the floor. In order not to rub your hands, it is better to perform with gloves.


Finger massage will help relieve tension and fatigue after exercise. Manual stroking and rubbing will help reduce body fat, especially if it is performed by a professional massage therapist.

At home, to lose weight in the fingers with the help of massage, you can use special tools, such as in the photo.

How To Lose Weight In The Fingers?

Perfectly copes with its function and spring massager-ringlet. The invention of traditional Korean medicine allows a person to easily massage his fingers and achieve a tangible aesthetic effect.

A useful exercise will be to massage your friends and home. If you look at the hands of massage therapists, they are never complete, as they experience a significant strain when kneading the muscles.

In addition to massage, there are activities that also help our fingers to gain aristocratic grace. If you choose one of them as a hobby, creative inspiration will help you quickly deal with the problem.

Finger-Grooming Exercises

  • Music making (playing the piano and other keyboards, flute).
  • Embroidery, knitting, weaving macrame and other types of needlework.
  • Typing on a keyboard or typewriter.
  • Learning card tricks.


In the sports shop, special simulators are sold to strengthen the hands: expanders in the form of a rubber ring, with plastic, handles, elastic balls. They can also be used to lose weight in the fingers.

The inexpensive fixture can be purchased at any office supply store. Or maybe an unnecessary plasticine box was lying around your house? Roll a plasticine lump 15 cm in diameter and wrinkle it with each hand for 10-15 minutes. in a day. Many experts argue that this technique is more effective than exercises with a wrist expander.

Massage balls

This is an interesting device that allows you to find the fingers of your dreams, you need to look in the store Chinese talismans. The so-called “health balls” were originally invented for practicing martial arts. They helped them to develop incredible strength and dexterity of the fingers, as well as to achieve increased concentration.

Gradually, health balls became available to all fans of Eastern practices. With them, you can perform various manipulations. The most popular ones are the rotation of two balls in a hand, clenching in a fist. If you are not indifferent to alternative methods, this way is for you.

How to visually make fingers more elegant?

Before you resort to serious fitness, study the structure of the hands. The owners of wide phalangeal bones of edema and fat are not observed, but the fingers still do not look slim. In such cases, all the exercises, massage, and other activities, although they will be useful for the joints, the effect of losing weight will not.

But despair, in this case, is not worth it. Useful tips make-up artists will help to visually lengthen the fingers with the help of special manicure techniques.

Resort to a classic manicure: an oval shape of nails in combination with a jacket. This tandem is called the secret of the aristocratic hands. He is very fond of English ladies and noble people. After all, blue royal blood does not guarantee the presence of elegant hands. If the eternal Frenchman bothers, experiment with color gamut. In favor of nail designers black and red gamma.

Choose almond-shaped elongated nails with nude coating: light pink, peach, caramel and even milky. The winning design will be the use of a vertical strip in the middle of the nail. It is better to refuse drawings, rhinestones and other decorations next to the cuticle. They cut through the nail, eliminating the visual effect of lengthening.

How To Lose Weight In The Fingers?

And finally, other practical advice. While your fingers have not yet gained the long-awaited thinness, choose thin rings and bracelets. They will smooth the fullness of hands, making them nobler.

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