Bronchial Asthma: 8 Foods To Avoid Asthma Attack

Bronchial Asthma

From avocado to ginger, from spinach to broccoli, here are the foods that help to disinfect the respiratory tract and prevent asthma attacks

The bronchial asthma is a chronic disease that affects the respiratory system of a subject, inflammation and obstructing the bronchi. This disorder occurs as a result of some triggering factors that cause, among other things, severe respiratory difficulties.

For asthma attacks, there is no definitive cure because affected patients are forced to adhere to a therapy based on specific anti-inflammatory drugs as well as on some minor complications. Among them, the we highlights those foods that can help to make the onset of symptoms less and less common.

Bronchial Asthma
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The avocado against allergic asthma

The avocado is a recommended food for those suffering from asthma, especially when asthma is allergic in nature. In particular, avocado has beneficial properties that counteract intolerance to nuts. In addition, it is a fruit containing glutathione, an element of great detoxifying power. In fact, the substance protects the cells from free radicals, waste elements causing harmful oxidative stress to our body and therefore also to the respiratory tract.

Broccoli prevent the inflammation

Studies by research centers specializing in the prevention of respiratory diseases suggest that eating often broccoli helps asthmatics to avoid the frequency of annoying effects of this disorder. In this sense, it has been shown that eating broccoli reduces the risk of inflammation of the respiratory tract, as well as contributing to the elimination of free radicals.

Apples are natural anti-asthmatic

The apples are another natural product that has beneficial effects for people suffering from bronchial asthma. This is because they contain a good amount of bioflavonoids. The latter, like quercetin, among the various properties, represent a natural anti-asthmatic and an anti-inflammatory of the respiratory tract.

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Bananas and vitamin B6

Bananas contain a strong vitamin supplement that can help people breathe better. That is why they are highly recommended for asthma sufferers. Bananas, in fact, contain pyridoxin, better known as vitamin B6. The latter, among other things, helps relax the muscular tissues of the bronchi by making the walls more flexible.

Ginger anti-inflammatory properties

Those suffering from bronchial asthma should also consume ginger. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory substances that help treat asthma. In fact, these are the same substances that give this food its characteristic flavor.

Stop to the attacks of asthma with spinach

Among the many benefits that spinach brings to our body are those for asthma. And it is not surprising that it is a health food, consisting of a large amount of essential nutrients and vitamins for the proper functioning of our body, including respiratory activity.

Symptoms of reduced asthma with sunflower seeds

The sunflower seeds have many nutrients and properties of great help in prevent asthma attacks. Among them, especially vitamin E, potassium and magnesium. On the other hand, however, you have to be careful about the side effects. In fact, they may be counterproductive in some cases because they can cause allergies.

Oranges and vitamin c to prevent asthma

Since asthma is first and foremost a disease affecting and affecting the respiratory tract, it is well known that oranges, but in general, all foods that contain large amounts of vitamin C, release the bronchi, have antiseptic properties and help prevent diseases and respiratory disturbances. That is why foods are especially recommended for asthma sufferers.

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