Overcome vitamin deficiency: What to eat in winter and in summer?

In February and early March, it is recommended to take pharmacological vitamins, and at the end of the summer and in the autumn, preference should be given to fruit and berries. “In general, often the state of immunity is not critical. But as regards functional activity, it is slightly lowered in winter, in spring and even in autumn. Since in residents of large cities and surrounding areas, constant stress causes immune deficiency, that is, a decreased activity of the immune system. A person feels constant fatigue, sometimes a fever, can not cope with their functional duties,” experts say.

According to doctors, it is considered a relative norm if a person suffers from ARVI up to six times a year. If more, it is a sign of low activity of the immune system. In addition, this is evidenced by manifestations of more than 5-6 times a year of herpetic infections, fungal diseases. Doctors emphasize that objective information about the state of the immune system can be learned by making an immunogram. But he stressed that it should be done together with general analyzes.

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In addition, doctors advise to maintain their body with vitamins, especially at the end of winter. Spring avitaminosis begins to manifest itself in February, mainly in poor wound healing, unmotivated weakness, a constant sensation of fever and the like.

“Fruits and berries during this period contain more fiber than vitamins. Therefore, it is better to use pharmaceuticals. In particular, any multivitamin,”- the doctors note and add that there are rules that should be observed when taking vitamins. So, they should be consumed in the morning, in the morning or at lunch and not later than 16 hours. After all, some drugs contain, for example, tonic substances. Also, vitamins should be taken only after meals, so on an empty stomach they can irritate the gastric mucosa. It takes roughly a month to take vitamin complexes.

In addition, immunologists note: “Vitamins can provoke photo dermatitis. That is a sunburn. Therefore, when a woman takes vitamins, it is not advisable to go to a solarium.” He does not advise taking vitamins in the form of syrups, gels, suckling tablets, because the more flavor additives, the greater the risk of developing an allergic reaction. But in tablets or in injections – there is no difference.

Fruits and vegetables can and should be consumed, but those, for example, who have dense fiber, and this, for example, apples, they should either be rubbed or treated with heat. “When the fiber loosens, it better cleanses the intestines, and it’s easier for nutrients and vitamins to enter the body,” the doctors emphasize. They also note that there are few vitamins in foreign products. In addition, their use can cause food allergy, because they are not typical for the area where people live.

Autumnal avitaminosis is better to overcome with natural products. “At the end of winter, fruits and berries have few vitamins, so it is better to consume tablet vitamins. But in late summer and early autumn, vitamins are not desirable for pharmaceuticals,” the immunologists note.

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