5 best yoga exercises to strengthen the arms

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Yoga is a practice that not only helps us calm the mind but also allows us to tone our body. Today we are going to discover some best yoga exercises to strengthen the arms that will allow us to have them much more defined.

It is necessary to mention that the great majority of the exercises that we are going to mention are suitable for beginners. However, there will be others that we can only carry out if we have been practicing yoga for some time.

Let’s look at some of these 5 best yoga exercises to strengthen the arms

1. Gomukhasana

This first of the best yoga exercises to strengthen the arms is also known as cow’s face posture.

To do this, we will have to sit on the floor while crossing our legs one on top of the other. The back should keep it straight at all times.

Now we go up the right arm and we will bend it towards the back. The other arm we will take backward, from the waist, and we will try that the hand’s touch.

If we are beginners, we will probably only get our fingers to rub. However, as we practice, we will get our hands interlocked.

The head has to look at all times to the front and we should hold in this position for about twenty minutes at most. After that time, we would perform the same exercise with the opposite side.

2. Bakasana

This other of the best yoga exercises to strengthen the arms requires a lot of practice, since it has a high complexity.

To carry it out, we have to squat down and put our hands on the ground in front of us. We will bend our elbows a little and raise our knees a little.

What we are going to do is lean forward, without falling, while we fit the knee of one of the legs in one of our forearms.

In this position, we will raise the foot of the ground. We will do the same with the other leg until none of the feet touch the ground.

This posture not only helps us work our arms but also requires great concentration and balance. Doing it with the help of a teacher will prevent us from hurting ourselves. If we have never practiced yoga, we better go to the next exercise.

3. Chaturanga

This third of the yoga postures to strengthen the arms is very simple to perform and is very similar to the so-called table for exercising the abdominals. To carry out this exercise we have to turn upside down while we have our hands supported at chest level.

Once we are in this position, we will support the toes on the ground and lift the body keeping it as in an imaginary straight line.

We will have to do a lot of strength with the arms, which will be flexed. This makes this an essential exercise to strengthen them.

4. Upside down dog

This yoga posture is part of one of the asanas that are carried out when we make the greeting to the sun.

To do it, we will put on four supports and lift our hips to form a mountain with our body. The arms should remain stretched and, if we are beginners, we may have to stay on the balls of our feet.

With practice, the ideal is that we can support the hands completely and, also, the feet. The head must be held between the arms. We must neither raise it nor take it much towards the center of the body. It will remain in a natural position. This simple exercises relive your back pain.

5. Purvottanasana

The last of the best yoga exercises that will help us strengthen the arms is what is known as Purvottanasana or table up.

This position consists of sitting, supporting the hands on both sides of the body and, with the legs stretched, raise the body.

We should worry about relaxing the shoulders, as we will tend to take them up.

The head can keep it hanging backward and we will be in this position for ten or twenty seconds. When we finish it, it is essential to move the wrists a little to relax them.

Have you ever practiced these yoga postures to exercise and strengthen your arms? We recommend that you put them into practice according to your level of experience doing this activity.

Remember that yoga comprises postures that allow us to progressively progress more and more. Avoiding the most difficult postures will initially reduce the risk of injury.

Other benefits of yoga exercises

We must know that best yoga exercises give us many other health benefits:

  1. Thanks to the best yoga exercises and postures ( asanas ) we get a greater elasticity of the muscles of the body. Yoga works with stretching and movements that favor the increase of flexibility.
  2. Yoga improves and corrects our posture and keeps us young and athletic.
  3. It promotes concentration, humor, vitality and physical It is, therefore, a remedy to improve our mood.
  4. With the most spiritual yoga, we make an introspective journey that invites us to know each other in depth. With this awareness of who we really are, we understand our place and discover acceptance and inner peace.
  5. Yoga gives us emotional stability, strengthens self-esteem and promotes values ​​of respect, empathy, and social In short, it can make us better people.
  6. We develop a greater respect for our body and learn to take care of it by knowing our weaknesses.
  7. Yoga gives us independence and freedom.
  8. Thanks to all these therapeutic virtues, yoga invites us to abandon any type of addiction and to combat a sedentary lifestyle. Any time and anywhere are suitable to give us a few moments of yoga.
  9. Yoga requires practice, effort, dedication, and For this reason, it forces us to be persistent people and gives us great rewards as we improve the technique.
  10. Finally, this discipline works with a new mental focus in our life that brings us happiness and well-being.
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