10 foods to hydrate the skin

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Thanks to its water supply, water melon is an ideal fruit to hydrate the skin from within. Even its vitamins and its minerals take care of skin health.

Moisturize your skin with creams and masks is not enough if we want to achieve lasting results. To get a skin hydrated, firm and light,  we must add to our daily diet of foods rich in water and nutrients.

Find out in this article the 10 best foods to hydrate the skin from within.

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Food to moisturize skin

There are many natural and healthy foods rich in nutrients that are good for our skin.

The vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in them  allow us to nourish and hydrate the skin from within so that the results are more profound and lasting.

In this way, each topical treatment will be much more effective and comprehensive.

Juices, smoothies and salads

To take these foods every day,  we can eat them directly or hire them in the form of juices, smoothies and salads.

  • The shakes, for example, are an excellent way to take various breakfast or snack food.
  • Fruit is the ingredient that gives more flavor and sweetness, so as to cover other less appetizing ingredients.

1. Water

The water is the first ingredient that must be part of our daily diet, since it is the main source of hydration of the skin.

To be effective in this regard, however, we must drink it on an empty stomach and between meals.

If it comes into contact with other foods, not only it does not carry the same positive effect, but it can also worsen the digestion.

2. Avocado

The avocado is a super food rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, fiber and protein, essential nutrients to take care of the skin and moisturize from the inside.

This fruit combines well with sweet and savory flavors and gives it a creamy milk shakes and desserts.

With avocado, also, we can prepare very nourishing masks applied to the skin once a week, in order to obtain instant radiant effect.

3. Flaxseed Oil

Linseed oil contains a good amount of fatty acids Omega 3 , which make ideal fat for a nourished and glowing skin.

We must always keep it in a cool, dark and closed so that does not oxidize or lose its properties.

4. Yeast

The brewer’s yeast is sold as a supplement due to its high content of vitamins of group B, minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, silicon, zinc and protein.

We can solve many skin problems by taking every day this supplement alone or mixing it with some food.

5. Watermelon

The watermelon is mainly composed of water, more than 90%, therefore it is an ideal fruit to keep hydrated.

Moreover, it adds vitamins A, B and C, and minerals such as manganese and potassium, which promote the health and appearance of the skin.

6. Cucumber

The cucumber is so good for the skin that not only it is recommended consumption, but also topical application.

In addition to moisturize the skin, it prevents acne, reduces inflammation, relieves sunburn and removes excess fat.

7. Apple

The apple is one of the best fruits for a healthy, glowing skin due to its content of malic acid and tartaric acid. These two components help remove dead skin cells.

If we can procure the organic apples, we recommend to take them in their skins, particularly rich in nutrients.

8. Pera

The pear, as well as being particularly rich in water, stands out for its high content of silicon, a mineral very positive for the regeneration of the skin and cartilage.

If we eat pears every day, you will not need to hire any kind of silicon supplement.

9. Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil, rich in vitamin E and essential acids, can be taken as a supplement or applied to the skin as a cosmetic. Thanks to its antioxidant properties:

  • It prevents aging.
  • It stimulates blood circulation.
  • It promotes skin regeneration.
  • It reduces inflammation.

10. Papaya

The papaya is a delicious tropical fruit very positive for the digestive system, but also for the skin.

  • It is rich in antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, flavonoids, B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.
  • The content of papain enzyme  is highly recommended to have your skin clean, healthy and radiant.

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