What Osteopathy Treats, and How? The Benefits You Can Get!


What does osteopathy care and, above all, how does it make important benefits?

Osteopathy is an unconventional medicine that is based on manual contact in diagnosis and treatment, recognized by the WHO.

It is a treatment system that, through evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, applies to a variety of clinical conditions.

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Osteopathy considers the human being as a unit of body, mind, and spirit, where each part of the body can interact with the whole through movement.

Osteopathic assessment identifies the disorders on which to intervene through manual techniques to eliminate disequilibrium and restore the physiological conditions typical of movement and thus of health.

Osteopathy is able to induce self-healing which is naturally endowed with the body, without the use of drugs or instruments, simply by manipulating the tissues.

In addition to treating many diseases, osteopathy also acts to prevent and maintain a healthy state.

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Osteopathy What Care?

Osteopathy reconciles vital functions and acts with a curative but especially preventative purpose.

It is indicated in many cases and is aimed at all ages of age.

Here are the ways in which osteopathy can be used …

  • Musculoskeletal system: hypercaphysis, hyper- lordosis, backbone, cervicalgia, dorsalgia, coccyx pain, whiplash, periarthritis, occipital bladder, hip, gum, pubalgia, fasciitis, tendinitis …
  • Neurological system: dizziness, headaches, disc herniation, facial neuralgia, neuralgia cervical-brachial, cruralgie, sciatica;
  • Chronic fatigue neurovegetative system, fibromyalgia, sense of oppression, sleep disturbances, irritability, depression, anxiety, gastroesophageal reflux, constipation, dysfunctional digestive tract disorders, irritable colon, hysterectomy, heartburn, post-operative cardiovascular problems, hemorrhoid, dysmenorrhoea;
  • Stomatognatic System: ATM Disorders, Malocclusions

When is Osteopathy Not Indicated?

Osteopathy is excluded in the event of particularly serious anatomical injuries and in all cases of medical emergencies. It can not cure chronic, genetic, infectious and / or inflammatory degenerative diseases.

It may, in some cases, help medical therapy, in a specific way, can intervene to relieve pain.

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