5 Oddities indicate that you are really stressed out

The problem with this physiological phenomenon is that it is easy to liquidate it as if it were something innocuous. Statistics also show that stress is constantly on the rise, which makes the problem more a consequence of everyday life than a health issue to be kept under control. But if you do not cope with your own stress, the consequences can be serious: it can lead to heart problems, sleep disturbances, depressive symptoms, and more.

There is no need to say how important it is to determine whether there are any problems with your emotional health. Are not you able to figure out if you’re thirsty? Here are some signs that your body may send you to tell you that you are stressed …

1. Your muscles are affected

Stiff neck? Aching shoulders? Maybe it does not depend on the new exercise you do in the gym, or the wrong pillow. When you are stressed in your muscles you accumulate a lot of tension, and you may experience pain or damage. For men, lower back pain can be a common side effect of stress, while women, as Reader’s Digest recently wrote, usually have problems at the top. What do you say, is the “moment of a massage”?

2. You have the headache

Always talking about tension states, they also accumulated in the head. A headache from stress, that subtle pain that makes you feel as if you had a band that forces you, occurs when you are very tense. Tablet pain medicines such as ibuprofen can relieve pain, or anti-stress exercises such as meditation and yoga can offer some relief.

3. You are thirsty

When you are in an anxiety state, your adrenal glands – placed on top of the kidneys – can pump the stress hormones into your body. This can lead to an alteration of other hormones, including a reduction in compounds that affect electrolyte and fluid levels. So if you are thirsty, the blame may be stress.

4. Sedate

If you’ve ever been to making a presentation with your wet hands or sweaty armpits, you know what you’re talking about. Excessive sweating due to stress, known as hyperhidrosis, can strike anyone who is facing a little more anxiety than usual. Try to use those anti-stress tricks such as deep breathing or relaxing music, to try to lower those levels instantly.

5. Your hair falls

Hair loss could be more than an unpleasant phenomenon. In some cases, hair loss is due to excess stress: the Telogen effluvium, which can lead to hair loss over time, just brushing or washing them; the trichotillomania, which leads to tearing off her hair; and alopecia areata, according to which the immune system begins to attack the follicles. If you lose more than usual talk to your doctor.

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