8 habits you should keep in mind for a healthy pregnancy

healthy pregnancy

To have a healthy pregnancy you must know the habits that help promote general well-being in all its stages. It is also important to understand that the needs of the body change and both diet and exercise must adapt to it.

It is normal that there are many doubts and myths about how to deal with pregnancy from the first months. That is why, first of all, it is good to take prenatal check-ups to be sure that the decisions made are the best ones for the baby’s own health.

Are you preparing to be a mom? Do not you know how to take care of yourself? In this opportunity, we want to share a series of recommendations to deal with this stage in the best possible way and avoid possible complications. Put them into practice!

Habits that will help you have a healthy pregnancy

The need to maintain healthy habits during pregnancy not only lies in the preparation of the body for the moment of delivery. Due to the role that food and mental health play in pregnancy, it is also necessary for fetal development.

Although the lifestyle must adapt to the requirements of each woman, there are some generalities that everyone can consider to have a healthy pregnancy.

1. Request blood tests

healthy pregnancy

After confirming the pregnancy, a blood test should be requested to determine if there are possible infections. This test confirms whether or not there are antibodies to diseases that affect fetal development, such as toxoplasmosis, hepatitis, chlamydia or HIV.

In case of detecting any of these diseases, the doctor can start a treatment so that the baby is not affected. However, it is essential to achieve an opportune diagnosis so that there is a better chance of overcoming it.

2. Adopt a good diet

Nutrition is perhaps one of the most important aspects when looking for a healthy pregnancy. Although some ignore it, the foods that are consumed influence many aspects of pregnancy, including the proper development of the baby.

In all cases, the intake of foods with folic acid, vitamin D, calcium, iron and omega 3 is recommended, since their assimilation maintains the health of mother and child. In addition, the ideal is to minimize the intake of processed, sugars and any product poor in nutrients.

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3. Take the recommended supplements

The doctor of the prenatal control can suggest some supplements to reduce the risks in the gestation by a nutritional deficit. Options such as folic acid, iron, and calcium help the development of the fetus and prevent problems in the mother such as anemia and bone wear.

4. Drink plenty of water

healthy pregnancy

Drinking between 8 and 10 glasses of water a day can help maintain optimal physical and mental health throughout pregnancy. The adequate contributions of this liquid prevent the retention of liquids and help maintain a good renal function.

It is also beneficial for a good digestion and the correct production of breast milk. In case of difficulty to drink water alone, you can choose infusions, natural juices or broths. Do not drink sugary drinks, energizers or alcohol.

5. Visit the dentist

Regular visits to the dentist should be included in the plans for a healthy pregnancy. Although many do not know, the oral health is more vulnerable at this stage, because the body begins to use calcium to meet other needs.

6. Do physical exercise

At present, there are many ways to practice regular physical exercise during pregnancy, without risks. This healthy habit reduces the pain of this stage and helps maintain a healthy and balanced weight.

On the other hand, it stimulates the segregation of serotonin and endorphins, known as the neurotransmitters of well-being. This controls the crisis of anxiety and anguish that alter the tranquility of the future mother.

healthy pregnancy

Recommended activities include:

  • Yoga classes
  • Pilates Method
  • Swimming or water sports
  • Walks
  • Fitball

7. Strengthen the pelvic floor

The muscles surrounding the pelvic floor undergo a sudden change during pregnancy. In addition, they have much to do with the processes that originate when the time of delivery arrives. Therefore, following a routine to strengthen this part of the body brings many benefits.

Alternatives such as Kegel exercises, leg and abdominal lift tone these muscles and increase tolerance to contractions. They also contribute to a quick recovery when the postpartum arrives.

8. Sleep well

healthy pregnancy

During the rest period, the body relaxes the muscles and activates processes that reduce fatigue and dizziness during pregnancy. Due to this, both in the first and in the last months it is essential to have a good quality of sleep. Ensuring an adequate environment and knowing the postures to sleep during pregnancy are simple strategies so that there are not so many interruptions in the night rest.

Do you want to have a healthy pregnancy? Do not hesitate to follow all these tips. Also, go to regular checkups and follow any other doctor’s suggestions.

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