The Risks of Going Abroad for Cosmetic and Dental Treatments

Something that we are seeing more and more is people having work done to fix parts of themselves that they are unhappy with. With this becoming more and more accessible, people are no longer in a position where they have to live with things that are not what they want, and many things now can be altered.

For men and women alike, cosmetic surgery and procedures to help change the things about them that they don’t like are growing in popularity, and something that was once the reserve of Hollywood A-listers is becoming something that anyone can have access to.

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However, there is a darker side to some of the cosmetic treatments that people are having done. People are travelling abroad to countries where this work costs a lot less, and sometimes the consequences are not good. In the UK all procedures are strictly monitored and the quality of the materials that are used have to meet a high standard. From surgery like breast augmentation, to a new head of hair at somewhere like this scalp micropigmentation Wolverhampton based clinic , you can be sure that you someone doing it who has met the strict guidelines to be able to provide this service.

Unfortunately, people who are going abroad to have work done on their bodies do not necessarily have the same level of protection. Something that has been growing as a trend in the last few years for example is ‘Turkey Teeth’ – no this isn’t a trend related to the bird but is in fact people flying to Turkey to have dental treatment that costs a lot less than it does in the UK. Chasing the dream of perfectly straight white teeth has increased on social media and many people are going out there for a holiday as well as dental work.

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However, many people have had problems with this procedure, and it has been heavily criticised by UK dental professionals, as the treatment usually involves filing the original teeth down to tiny little pegs, dubbed ‘shark teeth’ before placing crowns over the top of them all. This is something that should only be done as a last resort as it compromises the structure of the tooth leaving it open to infections, pain and decay, and makes the likelihood of tooth loss much greater.

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