What do you use your garage for?

Several years ago, an insurance company noticed a trend. More and more people were saying that they were keeping their car on the roadside or on a driveway. Unfortunately, the use of the garage seemed to be dropping off when it came to a list of places that people used to keep their cars secure. The company was intrigued to find that more and more people were using the garage for other purposes. They were still looking after the garage. So many people rely on a Garage Doors Gloucester based company like www.upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk/garage-doors/garage-doors-gloucester/  to help keep them in the best shape. So, if we’re not putting our cars in the garage, what are we using them for?

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One of the most popular uses has been for a home gym. The need to work out during lockdown didn’t go away. However, as all the gyms were closed, people turned to the internet to order gym equipment. If they didn’t have enough room in the home, gym fanatics have looked to use the garage instead.

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Other uses for garage spaces also include utilising the space for crafting hobbies and even small businesses. The garage is an ample open space that can be used in many different ways and some people have even created home cinemas that allow them to enjoy their favourite films with their friends and family.


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