Things to Consider Before Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

There are many things to consider before buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Firstly, decide which type of vehicle you will need. If the vehicle is going to be your primary family car, you may want to opt for a more accessible model. You might also want to consider a vehicle that’s used often and can serve both functions. If the wheelchair user is able to drive on their own, you might want to look for hand controls and power transfer seats. Other people may need additional space for passengers, and you’ll need to consider the weight and size of the wheelchair. For more information on WAV Vehicles, visit

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It’s also important to know the cost. Wheelchair accessible vehicles come in a variety of prices. You may want to check out the prices of different vehicles in your price range, or even try a pre-owned model. You may find it better to buy a gently used wheelchair van. Many reputable authorised dealers sell good quality used wheelchair vans. However, you shouldn’t stop at the dealership’s sticker price.

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Make sure the vehicle meets all the required safety and quality standards. A wheelchair accessible car has to pass rigorous testing, including an inside and underneath inspection. You should check for all the adaptations, including the seat adjustment, if there’s an armrest, and other safety components. Ensure that you buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle from a registered specialist in the field and ideally be sure you get a test drive first!


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